Fact Sheet: SureFire 6Z CombatLight


SureFire 6Z CombatLight

The SureFire 6Z CombatLight was introduced as a combat-ready version of the SureFire 6P.  The body was necked down to facilitate shooting with a handgun utilizing the Rogers / Sure-Fire Technique and was designed for quick deployment from the V70 Holster.

The 6Z was equipped with the Z33 Lanyard System as a standard accessory and could use many of the same accessories as the P-series lights.

SureFire 6Z CombatLight

Light Information – SureFire 6Z CombatLight

Production Status:  Discontinued.  Replaced by the SureFire Z2 which is also discontinued.

Light Type:  Handheld

Body Type:  CombatLight

Voltage/Source:  6V / 2 x Duracell DL123A Lithium Battery

Lamp Assembly:

  • Standard:  P60 Hi-Pressure Xenon (65 lumens)
  • Optional:  P61 Hi-Pressure Xenon (120 lumens)

Rated Runtime:  

  • With P60:  60 minutes
  • With P61:  20 minutes

Body Construction:  Aluminum

Body Finish:  Type II Anodizing

Primary Production Color:  Black

Switch:  Tail mounted.  Press for momentary, twist for constant-on

Year(s) of Production:  1997 – 2001

Length:  4.9 inches (124 mm)

Body Diameter:  1.0 inches (25.4 mm)

Bezel Diameter:  1.245 inches (31.6 mm)

Weight:  5.0 ounces (142 grams)


Ordering Options – SureFire 6Z CombatLight

Model 6Z CombatLight:  Includes one set of two DL123A Lithium Batteries and a Z33 Lanyard System.

Model Z600 PRO PAC:  Includes the 6Z CombatLight, a V70 holster, an F24 wide angle BeamShaper, an extra set of two DL123A Lithium batteries, and a spare P60 Lamp/reflector assembly.

 Photo Gallery – SureFire 6Z CombatLight

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Compatible Accessories and Optional Equipment – SureFire 6Z CombatLight

Beam Modifying Accessories:

  • F16 Infra-Red Beamfilter
  • F24 Wide angle Beamshaper
  • F26 Red Beamfilter
  • F27 Blue Beamfilter

Turbo-Head Accessories

  • T1 Turbo-Head Accessory.  Converts a 6P into a 6PT Turbo-Head flashlight (includes N1 lamp assembly)
  • F40 Turbo-Head BeamShaper
  • F46 Turbo-Head Red BeamFilter
  • F47 Turbo-Head Blue BeamFilter
  • F49 Turbo-Head Infra-red BeamFilter

Carrying Accessories

  • V70 CombatLight Holster
  • V50 Black nylon carryall pouch
  • V51 Woodland camouflage nylon carryall pouch

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