Malkoff M361-LMH Drop-in


Malkoff M361-LMH

Malkoff Devices has announced the introduction of their new Malkoff M361-LMH P60 style drop-in.  Just like the other modules in the M61 family, the M361-LMH has solid brass heatsink construction and uses a custom orange peel reflector designed by Don McLeish.  However, unlike any of the previous drop-in models, the new M361-LMH offers three modes of operation, a first for Malkoff Devices.

The M361-LMH’s three output levels produce 15, 80, and 400 lumens and the module is designed to be  powered only by a single Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery.  This is reflected in the module’s relatively narrow input voltage range of 3.4 – 5 volts.  Below 3.4 volts the M361-LMH will drop out of regulation and run in direct drive.  For this reason, the use of unprotected cells is not recommended.  The drop-in also includes reverse polarity protection.

Although Malkoff fans have been able to have multi-mode operation in the past, with the MD2 and its Hi-Lo ring, the Malkoff M361-LMH provides an opportunity to have multiple modes when using other hosts.  Retail price of the M361-LMH is $69.00.

For more information, visit the Malkoff Devices website.

Malkoff M361-LMH

Photos Courtesy of Malkoff Devices

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