New E-series BeamShaper and Filters


SureFire F04 BeamShaperSureFire has confirmed that a BeamShaper and filters will be available for owners of the new E-series lights such as the E1L-A, E2L-A, E2LAA-A, EB1, and EB2.  Designed for 1.125″ bezels, these new attachments will be slightly larger versions of the current F04, F05, and F06.

The new slip-on versions of the BeamShaper, red filter, and blue filter are expected to be available at the end of August.

  • F04-A     Slip on BeamShaper Assy, 1.125″ Bezel
  • F05-A     Slip on Red Filter Assy, 1.125″ Bezel
  • F06-A     Slip on Blue Filter Assy, 1.125″ Bezel

In addition, a flip-up filter is also being developed which will come with three interchangeable lenses.  A release date has not been set.

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  1. I purchased a Guidesman TC-2AA which is 225 lumen, 90 lumen & 225 lumen strobe for only $8.00 at Menard’s for my scope. The head is 1.125″ and I am looking into the slip on head with the red lens but damn, $30.00? That’s 3 x what the flashlight goes for. I may have to resort of red replacement vehicle brake light lens repair for $6.00 a roll.

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