OVEREADY LU60 Collar for SureFire WeaponLights


Up until now, owners of SureFire 951/961 WeaponLights have been severely limited in the available options for upgrading their lights, particularly when it comes to high-powered LED drop-in modules.  The LU60 collar which was used with these lights is too narrow to accept the typical P60 style drop-in and has a raised lip which would also prevent the drop-in from fitting all the way into the collar.  As a result, owners of these lights have been unable to use many of the popular P60 drop-in modules that are readily available for SureFire handheld lights.  However, those limitations are now gone due to the efforts of the fine folks at OVEREADY who have introduced their new LU60 collar designed specifically to accommodate these drop-ins.

Announced in the latest OVEREADY Insider newsletter, the new LU60 P60 Adapter features a custom Type III anodized aluminum finish and is available in black or natural (gray).  This MADE IN THE USA product sells for less than $40.00.

In addition to the 951/961 WeaponLights, the new LU60 adapter can also be used with some SureFire handheld lights such as the K2 Kroma, U2 Ultra, and V2 Vampire as they have the same size body threads.  It was this possibility that prompted me to purchase one of these adapters with the black finish.

The LU60 adapter arrived in perfect condition and has a smooth and even finish.  Threads are well cut and o-rings are provided to maintain a weather tight seal when assembled.  In comparison, it makes the SureFire LU60 collar look downright puny.


OVEREADY LU60 Adapter, SureFire LU60 collar, Cryos M2 Cooling Bezel, and Mac’s Customs Triple drop-in

Putting the LU60 Adapter to Use

Assembly was as simple as removing the U2 head and installing the new LU60 adapter.  All parts threaded together smoothly and easily with the Mac’s Customs drop-in fitting perfectly.


OVEREADY LU60 Adapter installed on U2 body

The LU60 adapter compliments the lines of the U2 body and looks like an original part.

SureFire U2 with Cryos M2 Cooling Bezel

SureFire U2 with Cryos M2 Cooling Bezel and Mac’s Customs triple drop-in

The U2 takes on an entirely different personality with the 800+ lumen drop-in and aggressive bezel.

SureFire U2 with Cryos M2 Cooling Bezel and OVEREADY LU60 adapter

Just a slight increase in output over the stock U2!

I love products like this that allow more options for owners of existing SureFire products and these new adapters open the door for nearly unlimited upgrades for the 951/961 WeaponLight platform.  Owners of these lights can spend around $100 for the adapter and a quality drop-in module and tailor their lights to their needs, much cheaper than the price of a new weapon light.

For more information about the LU60 adapter, be sure to visit the OVEREADY website.

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  1. I don’t like surefire weapon flashlight but i like streamlight weapon flashlight because of it’s few extra advance features which are not available on surefire!

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