SureFire 6PX and G2X Lower Prices

New Lower Prices From SureFire


This doesn’t happen every day.

Earlier this week SureFire announced a price reduction affecting each member of its popular 6PX and G2X families of handheld flashlights.  More than just a token reduction, the new Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) of these products are now 15-26% lower than just a week ago.

Actual retail pricing will be even lower and there has already been some price movement at some of the larger online retailers.  Although it may take some time for retail prices to stabilize after this reduction, it is almost certain that we will see the G2X dip below $60 (maybe even $50) at retail and the 6PX dropping down below $70.  These price points position SureFire to compete more directly against many of the imported lights in the same price ranges.  

A summary of the new prices and amount of reduction is shown in the following table:

Product Old Price New MSRP Savings Reduction
G2X Tactical  $      95.00  $      70.00  $      25.00 26%
G2X Pro  $      95.00  $      70.00  $      25.00 26%
G2ZX CombatLight  $     115.00  $      97.00  $      18.00 16%
6PX Tactical  $     115.00  $      90.00  $      25.00 22%
6PX Pro  $     115.00  $      90.00  $      25.00 22%
6PX Defender  $     125.00  $    106.00  $      19.00 15%
Z2X CombatLight  $     135.00  $    115.00  $      20.00 15%

Note: As of 2/14/2014 the price of the G2X Fire Rescue has not changed on the SureFire website.

This reduction follows SureFire’s recent price increase for some of their higher end lights and may be an attempt to re-position the 6PX and G2X for competitive reasons or it could be an attempt by SureFire to open some room in the middle of their pricing line-up for upcoming new products.  Whatever the reason, any decrease in prices is a good thing and I’m looking forward to picking up a few of these myself.

As an added bonus, SureFire is offering free shipping for all orders placed thru 11:59 pm (EST) Monday, February 17, 2014.

Visit the SureFire website for more information about their handheld illumination tools.

All images courtesy of SureFire, LLC

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