OVEREADY “Shorty” P60 Host


OVEREADY offers what is likely the largest variety anywhere of parts and pieces for customizing a stock SureFire or building a 100% custom flashlight. Based upon the SureFire C/P/Z-series lights, these parts are fully modular and interchangeable with stock SureFire parts, allowing users to configure their light exactly the way they want it.

For purposes of this review OVEREADY provided a complete custom host (without LED drop-in) in a “Shorty” configuration set up for use with common P60 style LED drop-ins powered by a single battery. The Shorty earns its name due to its mere 3.2″ length which is over ½” shorter than the similarly styled SureFire 3P.   

OVEREADY Shorty compared to SureFire 3P

Since performance will vary according to the LED drop-in and battery chosen, this review will focus on the parts used to assemble the flashlight host.

OVEREADY Shorty Host

OVEREADY “Shorty” P60 Host – Overview

The dark gray hard anodized finish along with the brass body and bezel ring is a stunning combination.  The anodized finish has a semi-gloss appearance which is a nice departure from the more common black finish found on many production lights.

OVEREADY Custom Shorty with TorchLAB Triple

The OVEREADY Shorty is composed of 4 main components – the tailcap, brass body, P60 adapter, and bezel.  Although some of the photos may make certain parts look darker (or even black), the finish on the anodized parts is a consistent and even gray.

OVEREADY Diamondback tailcap, TL20 Shorty Cell Tube, Moddoolar to C interface and Smoothie Bezel

OVEREADY “Shorty” P60 Host – Tailcap

At the tail of the light we find the Diamondback Aluminum Tailcap which is machined with the same diamond pattern as the Moddolar cell tubes (flashlight bodies) also available from OVEREADY. The Diamondback Tailcap is a direct replacement for the SureFire Z41 tailcap and can be equipped with the standard SureFire Z41 switch (press for momentary, twist for constant on), a McClicky switch (press for momentary, press further to click on), or any of the ZeroRez switches from OVEREADY.

The OVEREADY Shorty uses the TorchLAB Zero Rez Shorty (ZRS), a solid piece of brass that completely omits the springs, switches, and boots found on most lights. Since there is no actual switch mechanism, the light operates only as a “twisty,” with the light turned on by tightening the tailcap and of by loosening the tailcap.  Due to the elimination of the higher resistance springs and switch components, the ZRS is capable of carrying almost unlimited current, suitable for the highest powered LED drop-ins.  Another benefit of the design is a perfectly flat tailcap which allows the light to tailstand.

OVEREADY Diamondback tailcap with ZeroRez Shorty

Because there is no switch mechanism or spring inside the tailcap, the ZRS also allows the battery to extend 15mm further into the tailcap than normal. This effectively makes the battery tube “longer” providing options for using longer batteries or shorter bodies.

The Diamondback tailcap and ZeroRez Shorty are made in the USA. The Diamondback tailcap is also available with a black hard anodized finish as well as a version made entirely from Delrin.

 OVEREADY “Shorty” P60 – Body

The Moddoolar Shorty (TL20) Cell Tube is used for the body of the light. Machined from a single piece of solid brass, the TL20 is compatible with Z41 style tailcaps and Moddoolar heads but may also be used with SureFire P, C and Z heads with an optional adapter.

The TL20 features a battery retention lip which keeps the battery in place when changing heads as well as a battery bumper to help protect the cell from impact. Weather resistance is provided by an O-ring at the head and double O-rings at the tail.

OVEREADY Brass TL20 Shorty Cell Tube

The TL20 is sized to accept CR123 lithium primary batteries, as well as 16340 and 18350 lithium-ion rechargeable cells.  Along with the ZRS, the TL20 is the secret to the short overall length of the host as it is 15mm shorter than a typical single cell body and takes advantage of the extra space in the tailcap.

OVEREADY Brass TL20 Shorty with Diamondback Tailcap and Zero Rez Shorty

When the host is fully assembled, the TL20 looks like an accent ring as it is almost entirely covered the other components.

OVEREADY Custom Shorty

TorchLAB bodies are made in the USA and are available in a number of different sizes ranging from the TL20’s 20mm length up to 130mm.  The TL20 is available in brass or hard anodized aluminum while larger sizes are available only in hard anodized aluminum.

OVEREADY “Shorty” P60 Host – Body/Bezel Interface

To allow the use of P60 style drop-ins, a Moddoolar C Series Interface is installed next.  Machined from aluminum and finished with a hard anodized coating, the C Series Interface allows Moddoolar bodies to be used with any bezel based on the common SureFire Z44.  An O-ring is provided for a weather tight seal.

OVEREADY Moddoolar C Series Interface

One of the nicer features of the C Series Interface is that it provides some adjustment to eliminate the gap between the head and body that may occur with P60 style drop-in modules.

The Moddoolar C Series Interface is made in the USA and is also available with a black hard anodized finish.

OVEREADY “Shorty” P60 Host – Bezel

Capping off the OVEREADY Shorty is the TorchLAB Smoothie Bezel with custom natural gray hard anodized finish.  A direct replacement for the SureFire Z44 bezel, the Smoothie Bezel uses the same lenses and bezel rings as the Z44 but omits the hexagonal flats around the base.  The bezel is finished off with a solid hand polished Smooth Brass Bezel Ring and Ultra Clear Lens (UCL).

OVEREADY TorchLAB Smoothie Bezel

The Smoothie Bezel is made in the USA and is also available with a black hard anodized finish.  The Brass Bezel Ring is also made in the USA with numerous other finishes and styles available.

OVEREADY “Shorty” P60 Host – Use and Operation

All parts fit together well and are easy to assemble and disassemble.  The twisty action of the tailcap is silky smooth and it can be easily operated with one hand.

OVEREADY Shorty with Nailbender CustomLites drop-in

I tested the host with a variety of drop-ins including some from Malkoff Devices, CustomLites, and TorchLAB without issue.  P60 drop-ins with short springs may not work properly if the spring is not long enough to push the battery far enough into the tailcap.  This highlights the fact that any drop-in used with the Zero Rez Shorty must have a good spring as it is the only thing that keeps the battery from moving around when the switch is disengaged.

OVEREADY “Shorty” P60 Host – Conclusions

The Shorty configuration makes for an extremely compact host compatible with the vast majority of P60 drop-ins.  With its ability to use 18350 IMR cells combined with the ZeroRez Shorty tailcap, the host can also handle the most demanding drop-ins without breaking a sweat.  Operation of the aluminum tailcap on the brass body is extremely smooth and the omission of the tailcap switch means there is one less potential point of failure.  In addition to all of that, the Shorty simply looks great.  I have been absolutely blown away by this host since I first took it out of the package.

The smooth design and small size make the Shorty well suited for pocket carry while the diamondback pattern on the tailcap provides adequate grip to activate the tailcap.

OVEREADY Custom Shorty

It is common to mention the quality of a product when conducting reviews but, in this case, I don’t think the term is adequate. Instead, craftsmanship is the word that comes to mind when handling the individual parts and observing their design, fit, finish, and function. If you visit the individual product pages on the OVEREADY site you will see names listed for the design, engineering and machining for each of the TorchLAB and Moddoolar parts, something you don’t see for widgets that are churned out by the thousands by nameless machines or an anonymous workforce.

Of course the Shorty only represents one of the many different configurations that can be assembled with the parts available on the OVEREADY site. Whether you prefer a different finish, form factor, or switching style the possibilities are almost endless. The components aren’t cheap, with prices varying according to the options chosen, but the cost is not out of line when compared to other custom flashlight hosts.

For more information about the parts mentioned in this review, visit the OVEREADY website or use the links to specific items below.

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