Fight or Flight Tactical CR123 Blackjack Battery Brick

Fight and Flight CR123 Blackjack Battery Brick


Fight and Flight Tactical has a unique solution for anyone looking for a way to carry extra batteries for their electronic devices. Dubbed the Blackjack Battery Brick for its ability to house 21 batteries, this rugged nylon carrier is designed to securely hold its contents no matter how it’s stored – in a pouch, pocket, or simply thrown in a duffel bag.

Four varieties of the Battery Brick are available, including models for the common AAA, AA, and CR123 battery formats as well as a Combo version which holds 8 AAA, 7AA, 4 CR123, and 2 coin cell batteries. Pricing starts at $23.95 with six fabric types to choose from: UCP (ACU), Coyote, Foliage Green, OD Green, Black, and Multicam ($2.00 extra).  

Blackjack Battery Brick – Overview

Following an online discussion about the best way to carry spare CR123 cells while traveling, I did some internet searching and ran across the Fight and Flight website where I decided to order two of their CR123 Battery Bricks, one Coyote and one Multicam. As with all sewn products from Fight and Flight, the Battery Bricks were designed and made in-house in Calvert City, KY with US-Made materials.

With a full complement of 21 CR123 cells (not included), the Battery Brick measures 1.5” x 2.5” x 6.5”, weighs about 14.6 ounces, and will fit in a 2-mag pouch.

Fight and Flight CR123 Blackjack Battery Brick

The Battery Brick uses elastic keepers to secure the batteries in a 3×7 configuration. To my untrained eye it looks like about 2 miles of thread were used in the stitching. This thing is built to last.

Fight and Flight CR123 Blackjack Battery Brick

Even when fully opened, the Battery Brick is surprisingly compact, measuring only 6.5″ x 10.5″.

Fight and Flight Blackjack Battery Brick

A clever tri-fold design is used which provides a compact size yet still allows access to the top row of batteries without fully unrolling the Battery Brick. Hook and loop fasteners on the compression straps and top flap hold everything tightly together. No more batteries running loose in the duffle bag!

Fight and Flight Blackjack Battery Brick

Blackjack Battery Brick – Conclusions

The Blackjack Battery Brick works exactly as advertised and I’m well pleased with how well it does its job and its durable construction. If there is anything that surprised me, it was just how compact it was when loaded with 21 CR123s. The craftsmanship and thoughtful design that went into making it are immediately evident.

Fight and Flight Blackjack Battery Brick

The purchasing experience couldn’t have been any better with the company owner, retired US Army Sergeant Dave Watson, quickly replying to my e-mailed questions, even after 10:30 at night. Shipping was reasonably priced and extremely fast with everything showing up on my doorstep the very next day.

For more information about the Blackjack Battery Brick or the many other products they have available, visit the Fight and Flight Tactical website.


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