TorchLAB R1 Lawman McClicky Conversion

TorchLAB R1 Lawman McClicky Switch Conversion


The SureFire R1 Lawman is, without a doubt, one of the finest rechargeable duty lights ever brought to market. With high performance and a well thought out dual switch user interface, the Lawman certainly has a lot to offer but, as great as it is, some owners don’t care for the tail mounted twist style switch.

Fortunately for these owners, the TorchLAB R1 Lawman McClicky Kit provides an aftermarket solution to this problem by replacing the stock switch mechanism with a click-type switch. Built around the well regarded McClicky switch mechanism, the self-installation kit comes with all the parts needed to make the change in minutes.

The TorchLAB R1 Lawman McClicky Kit is available from OVEREADY for less than $30. A sample kit was provided for use during this review.

TorchLAB R1 Lawman McClicky Kit – Overview

The kit simply consists of three components – The McClicky switch in its brass adapter, a spacer ring (small O-ring), and a rubber switch boot.  The switch boot is available in several different styles including black soft-press, black medium-press, and black hard-press.  Soft-press versions are also available in other colors such as Hunter Orange and Toxic Green.

TorchLAB R1 Lawman McClicky Switch Conversion

Since the original R1 Lawman tailcap is going to be reused, the first step is to remove the old switch mechanism with a few simple hand tools and the excellent instructions found on the OVEREADY website.  Once the old mechanism is out, installation is simply a matter of inserting the new rubber boot and screwing the new switch mechanism into place.  The whole process takes only a few minutes (slightly more if your old switch is stubborn about coming out).

After installation, the new boot will protrude from the tailcap slightly farther than the stock version.  Overall length of the light remains essentially unchanged as the new switch allows the tailcap to be tightened all the way where the stock switch could not.

TorchLAB R1 Lawman McClicky conversion

(Left) Stock SureFire switch, (Right) McClicky equipped switch

Operation of the light remains basically the same with the tailcap switch providing momentary activation of high mode with a partial press of the switch.  However, to achieve constant-on activation, all that is required is a full press (and click) of the switch rather than having to rotate the entire tailcap.  See the R1 Lawman Review for a full description of the light and its operating modes.

R1 Lawman McClicky Kit – Conclusions

The R1 McClicky Kit is well thought out and is made up of quality components.  The McClicky switch has a proven track record of reliable performance built upon its wide adoption among flashlight enthusiasts.  Even if a problem should arise with the switch, replacement is literally as simple as screwing the old one out and a new one in.

With its exposed tailcap switch, the Lawman has always presented problems with inadvertent activation when carried in an open-bottom holster or on a belt ring.  In these cases I would recommend choosing the hard-press boot so a little more pressure is required to activate the light.  The use of closed-bottom holsters should not be affected and the R1 Lawman still works perfectly with the Multi Holsters Kydex holster (see review) after the conversion.

TorchLAB R1 Lawman McClicky conversion

R1 Lawman with McClicky conversion and orange switch boot

Visit the OVEREADY website for more information or to purchase the R1 Lawman McClicky kit.


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  1. Can you still activate constant on by rotating the tailcap with the McClicky switch? Or does this switch disable that feature?

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