OVEREADY body extenders for SureFire flashlights

OVEREADY Custom Body Extenders


OVEREADY has introduced a brand new line of custom made body extenders which allow owners of SureFire C, P, or Z series flashlights (or any other compatible lights) to reconfigure their lights to use more powerful combinations of batteries.  The extenders are sized to accept 18mm (nominal) lithium-ion batteries and are available in two lengths:

  • 18350 Body Extender – Same length as the SureFire A19 extender and adds the equivalent of one CR123 battery in length.
  • 18650 Body Extender – Nearly twice the length of the 18350 version and adds the equivalent of one 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery in length.

Both sizes are available in three anodized finishes – Type II Black, Type III Black (HA Black), and Type III Natural (HA Nat) – with prices varying by size and finish.  One type III Natural 18350 body extender and one Type II Black 18650 body extender were provided for this review by OVEREADY.

OVEREADY Custom Body Extenders – Overview

The OVEREADY body extenders are machined entirely from aluminum with knurling that looks and feels like the SureFire 6P Original.  Also, much like SureFire lights of the past, the interior and tailcap threads have a golden appearance from the application of a chemical coating for corrosion and chemical protection.  The anodized finish on both samples is evenly applied and is absolutely flawless on the HA Nat 18350 extender.  The Type II Black 18650 extender was also well done but did exhibit a few tiny pin pricks in the anodized finish, which is not uncommon for knurled bodies with this finish, including the SureFire 6P Original.

OVEREADY 18350 and 18650 battery extenders for SureFire flashlights

Just like the OVEREADY custom flashlight hosts, the body extenders are bored to accept 18mm batteries and are equipped with double O-rings at the tail.

OVEREADY 18350 and 18650 body extenders for SureFire flashlights

The 18350 body extender is virtually identical to the discontinued SureFire A19 extender with regard to exterior dimensions and design.

OVEREADY 18350 body extender for SureFire flashlights

Although SureFire never produced a 2-cell extender, the 18650 body extender looks the part by incorporating the same basic design as the SureFire parts.

OVEREADY body extenders for SureFire flashlights

Both extenders fit perfectly with my bored SureFire hosts.  The HA Nat finish of the 18350 extender was slightly darker than the finish of my SureFire C2 but is still a good match.

SureFire C2 with OVEREADY body extender

The Type II Black finish of the 18650 body extender looks almost exactly like the finish on my bored SureFire 6P original.

SureFire 6P with OVEREADY 18650 body extender

When used with a bored flashlight host the extenders allow the use of several different combinations of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.  Some common examples would include:

Flashlight Host (or equivalent)ExtenderBattery Configuration(s)
SureFire 3P18350 Body Extender2 x 18350 or 1 x 18650
SureFire 6P, C2, or Z218350 Body Extender2 x 18500 (or 18490)
SureFire 9P, C3, or Z318350 Body Extender2 x 18650
SureFire 3P18650 Body Extender2 x 18500 (or 18490)
SureFire 6P, C2, or Z218650 Body Extender2 x 18650

OVEREADY 18350 body extender for SureFire flashlights

OVEREADY Custom Body Extenders – Conclusions

Body extenders such as these have always been a valuable commodity for anyone who enjoys modifying SureFire P60-based lights, due to their ability to expand the quantity or size of batteries used to supply energy.  With the selection of the right extender and battery combinations, users may tailor their lights for better performance, whether that is increased output, longer runtime, or both.

OVEREADY custom body extenders for SureFire flashlights

The OVEREADY body extenders are a perfect match for SureFire hosts with regard to fit and function.  The threads are well cut and have provided very smooth engagement with every host I have tested them with.  The overall feel and appearance of the extenders matches as well as can be expected considering the number of changes SureFire has made to their knurling and anodized finishes through the years.  I honestly thought they were original SureFire parts when I first took the body extenders out of the package.

SureFire 6P with OVEREADY 18650 body extender

For several years the best option for extending a SureFire host was to purchase the original SureFire A19 and paying to have it  bored out to accept larger lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.  However, with the A19 being discontinued, the most common source has become cheap knock-off versions that do not look, fit, or feel like the originals.  Thankfully these new extenders from OVEREADY have fixed that problem.  Best of all, they actually cost less than an authentic SureFire extender that has been bored to accept larger batteries.

For more information about the 18350 or 18650 body extenders, visit the OVEREADY website or use the links to specific items below.


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  1. Is there any reason why I couldn’t use the 18350 extender on my OR bored Elzetta Charlie in order to accommodate 2 x 18650s? The 18490s just don’t have enough capacity for me. I think there would be issues with the Elzetta high low tail cap, but I could use a Z41? Or an I way off here?

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