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FOURSEVENS is known for pushing the envelope and not being content with simply producing “more of the same” when it comes to flashlight design.  If the company’s history is any indication, it would seem that nothing has been off limits with regard to the materials, user interfaces, or the LED technology used in their lights.  Naturally I was looking forward to checking out their booth at the 2015 SHOT Show®, meeting David Chow, and learning about what’s coming next.


The full FOURSEVENS product lineup was on display including the popular Mini and Atom flashlights.  Designed to be easily carried, these lights aren’t limited by their small size with some versions generating more than 250 lumens of  output.  As with all FOURSEVENS products, the output values aren’t theoretical (or exaggerated) estimates, they are based upon actual “out the front” measurements.


The Preon penlights, available in one and two AAA configurations, were represented along with the larger Maelstrom flashlights, two of which were recently introduced.  The 2000 lumen Maelstrom MMU-X3R is powered by a 26650 rechargeable battery and has built-in USB charging capability.  Also joining the Maelstrom stable of flashlights is the MMX-360, so named for its unique 360° pressure switch that facilitates easier mode switching.  Both of the new Maelstroms have user programmable output modes similar to the Maelstrom MMR-X reviewed here last year (see review).  Weapon mounts and a remote tape switch are also available for the 1″ Maelstroms.


The recently released Bolt-Action light was also on display, the result of a three-way collaboration between FOURSEVENS, Fellhoelter, and Tuff Writer.  As its name suggests, the light uses a sliding and locking mechanism for activation and mode selection.  Somewhat larger than a typical penlight, the Bolt-Action light comes with an attached pocket clip and has a maximum output of 490 lumens when powered by a pair of CR2 lithium batteries.  I did a horrible job of photographing the Bolt-Action light and definitely did not do it justice.  Visit the FOURSEVENS website for a better look.

FOURSEVENS Bolt-Action Light

Development is continuing on some items introduced at past SHOT Shows such as Bluetooth enabled lighting devices and the tactical “Lumen Ball” strobes.

As if all this wasn’t enough, FOURSEVENS has initiated something called their Formula Flashlight Project (FFP).  As David explains, the FFP will be driven by a separate team within FOURSEVENS focused entirely upon achieving specific objectives, oriented toward performance and innovation more than manufacturing efficiency.  The fruits of this “budget be damned” environment will be limited production items aimed at a niche segment of the flashlight market.  These products will be defined by batch construction and will form a linear series with improvements implemented based upon customer feedback.  One such example was on display.

FOURSEVENS and Paul Kim (PK) collaboration at 2015 SHOT Show

Designed in collaboration with Paul Kim, these beautiful CR123 powered lights are built entirely of titanium and are finished with a distinctive PVD coating in several color combinations.  Their beauty is more than skin deep as they are expected to break new ground for the single CR123 battery format by producing an honest 430 lumen output.  They also feature a slick twisty/momentary switch at the tail and a body mounted two-way pocket clip.  Estimated availability is around mid-year.

The limited production flashlights from the Formula Flashlight Project will be available only through FOURSEVENS while their existing product line will continue to be distributed through their dealer network.  With a large number of projects already under consideration, it looks like there is plenty in store for 2015 and beyond!

Visit the FOURSEVENS website for more information about the company and its products.  Also be sure to check out the 2015 SHOT Show archive here on FlashlightGuide for more information from this year’s show.

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