Elzetta Flood Lens

Flood Lens for Elzetta High Output Flashlights

Elzetta Designs has announced the availability of their new flood style lens for use with their High Output flashlights.  Made from solid acrylic, this new lens is designed to produce a very broad and even beam with hardly any center hot spot as found with conventional reflectors and optics.  For those keeping score at home this latest addition means there are now 120 possible configurations of the Elzetta modular flashlight!  Continue reading

Raven Concealment Systems Flashlight Pocket Clip

Raven Concealment Systems Pocket Clip

The folks at Raven Concealment Systems have a product that every owner of a one-inch tactical light needs to know about.  Their “SureFire P and G Series Pocket Clip,” as the name suggests, is designed primarily for use with popular SureFire lights such as the 6PX, G2X, and P2X Fury but is also compatible with many similarly sized lights from SureFire and other manufacturers.Continue reading


OVEREADY LU60 Collar for SureFire WeaponLights

Up until now, owners of SureFire 951/961 WeaponLights have been severely limited in the available options for upgrading their lights, particularly when it comes to high-powered LED drop-in modules.  The LU60 collar which was used with these lights is too narrow to accept the typical P60 style drop-in and has a raised lip which would also prevent the drop-in from fitting all the way into the collar.  As a result, owners of these lights have been unable to use many of the popular P60 drop-in modules that are readily available for SureFire handheld lights.  However, those limitations are now gone due to the efforts of the fine folks at OVEREADY who have introduced their new LU60 collar designed specifically to accommodate these drop-ins. Continue reading

SureFire Filters and Diffuser

Mini-Review: SureFire Diffuser and Beam Filters

SureFire F04-A Diffuser, F05-A Red Filter, and F06-A Blue Filter

SureFire has introduced three new attachments – the F04-A Diffuser, F05-A Red Filter, and F06-A Blue Filter – made to accommodate the 1.125″ bezel used on recent flashlights and weapon lights.  Designed to slip over the bezel and remain in place using a friction fit, these new attachments allow users to modify the standard beam of their flashlight for specific tasks.

When performing close tasks, the F04-A Diffuser provides a white, evenly diffused beam.  When preservation of night vision is a priority, the F05-A Red Filter produces a beam of red light that will not degrade night vision as much as white light.  As some animals see poorly in the red spectrum this is a useful filter for hunters moving about in pre-dawn hours.  The F06-A is a blue filter designed to produce a beam of blue light which is useful for hunters tracking wounded game in the dark.  All three attachments reduce the intensity of light output making them useful for close-range, non-tactical applications such as map reading. Continue reading