SureFire M600U Z68 Scout Light

SureFire M300B and M600U – New Options and Price

SureFire has released two new variations of their popular M300B and M600U Scout Lights which are available without the usual remote tape switch.  Equipped only with the Z68 click-type switch and designated as the M300B-Z68 and M600U-Z68, these new versions provide a sub-$300 alternative for those who prefer not to use a tape switch or who are looking to upgrade from a previous Scout Light and already have a compatible tape switch.

In addition, SureFire has dropped the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of the M600 Ultra Scout Light to $369, which is the same as the M300B.  (Photos courtesy of SureFire, LLC)Continue reading

SureFire M3LT M6LT UB3T R1 UBR UNR 1000 lumens

More Lumens! SureFire Announces Upgraded Lights

SureFire has officially announced several upgraded versions of their premium handheld and weapon mounted lights.  First previewed at the 2014 SHOT Show®, these newly revised lights feature an upgraded emitter which boosts output from 25% to 60% over their predecessors.

According to the SureFire website, the newly upgraded lights will have the same Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) as the earlier versions.  Street pricing will vary by retailer.  (All images courtesy of SureFire, LLC)

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Review: SureFire P1R Peacekeeper

The SureFire P1R Peacekeeper is a compact high-output flashlight designed to meet the needs of law enforcement personnel. Normally powered by the included lithium-ion battery the Peacekeeper is rated to provide a maximum of 600 lumens of output and is available in two versions.

  • P1R Peacekeeper Tactical (P1R-A-BK):  Single output version (600 lumens) equipped with a press for momentary, twist for constant-on tactical switch.
  • P1R Peacekeeper (P1R-B-BK):  Dual output version (600 lumens and 15 lumens) with a click-type switch.  Partially press for momentary-on high output or press further, until it clicks, for constant-on high output.  Low mode is activated by returning to off and pressing or clicking again within 2 seconds.  After being off for more than 2 seconds, the Peacekeeper will always return to high mode the next time it is turned on.

Both versions of the Peacekeeper have a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $250 and retail for around $200.

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OVEREADY body extenders for SureFire flashlights

OVEREADY Custom Body Extenders

OVEREADY has introduced a brand new line of custom made body extenders which allow owners of SureFire C, P, or Z series flashlights (or any other compatible lights) to reconfigure their lights to use more powerful combinations of batteries.  The extenders are sized to accept 18mm (nominal) lithium-ion batteries and are available in two lengths:

  • 18350 Body Extender – Same length as the SureFire A19 extender and adds the equivalent of one CR123 battery in length.
  • 18650 Body Extender – Nearly twice the length of the 18350 version and adds the equivalent of one 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery in length.

Both sizes are available in three anodized finishes – Type II Black, Type III Black (HA Black), and Type III Natural (HA Nat) – with prices varying by size and finish.  One type III Natural 18350 body extender and one Type II Black 18650 body extender were provided for this review by OVEREADY.

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SureFire M600V

SureFire Announces Lower Profile M600V and M620V

SureFire has announced the availability of a new LED head for their white-light/infrared M600V and M620V Scout Lights which is almost a quarter of an inch smaller in diameter than its predecessor.  In addition to being smaller, the new head is also 1.5 ounces lighter resulting in nearly a 20% weight reduction for the M600V and almost 23% for the M620V.Continue reading


Custom OVEREADY 6Z and Z2

The classic SureFire 6Z and its successor, the Z2 CombatLight, are still among the most recognizable tactical lights in existence.  First introduced over 20 years ago, the 6Z was the first handheld flashlight designed from the ground up for use with a handgun and featured a unique (at the time) narrow body which allowed it to be used in a variety of holds.  The enduring CombatLight design was carried over to several other lights and still influences designs today.

As with other P60-based SureFire lights, the 6Z and Z2 have been very popular with enthusiasts due to the ease with which they can be upgraded using any of the numerous P60 LED drop-ins available.  However, since SureFire discontinued production of the Z2 they have become scarcer and are typically only available on the used market.  That is, until now.  Continue reading

SureFire M6LT-B Guardian

Review: SureFire M6LT-B Guardian

The M6LT-B Guardian is the largest and most powerful handheld LED flashlight available today from SureFire. Touted as a “searchlight that fits in a coat pocket,” this latest version of the M6LT is rated to produce a 1200 lumen blast of light, 33% more than its predecessor, the 900 lumen M6LT-A.

Featuring a distinctive body design to accommodate its six 123A lithium primary batteries, the M6LT-B also incorporates an oversized 2.5” Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens to produce a long-reaching beam. An equally oversized tactical tailcap switch is used to activate the single output mode.  Continue reading

OVEREADY Custom Shaved SureFire 6P

OVEREADY Custom Shaved SureFire 6P

With its classic look, compact size, durable construction and modular design, the SureFire 6P Original has been a long-time favorite of flashlight enthusiasts due to the ease with which it could be modified and upgraded. Whether swapping in a new tailcap, upgrading the light engine, or using a different bezel, there are an untold number of ways a 6P can be customized to suit the needs and tastes of its owner. Regardless of the changes made, the one constant has always been the knurled 6P body. That is, until now.

OVEREADY has taken this classic and done the unthinkable by machining away the knurling that is such a distinctive feature of the SureFire 6P. The result is a smooth and clean finish that stays true to the original form but gives the light a modern and more stylish appearance. Available with either black or natural (gray) hard-anodized finish, the Custom Shaved SureFire 6P can be purchased as a host (with no light engine) or as a turnkey flashlight with a TorchLAB Triple LED drop-in (Review) or M2 Mini TurboHead (Review) already installed. A selection of switches, lenses, bezel rings, and bezels provides additional options for configuring the Custom Shaved 6P in a number of different ways.  Continue reading

OVEREADY SureFire Mini TurboHead

Review: OVEREADY Mini TurboHead

The OVEREADY Mini TurboHead is a no-holds-barred, high output upgrade for the SureFire 6P, C2, Z2 and other compatible flashlights.  Based upon the SureFire Z32 bezel, which was designed for use with incandescent lamp modules, the Mini TurboHead is totally reworked on the inside to accommodate a high performance Cree XM-L2 LED in Cool White or Neutral tint.  These modifications allow the Mini TurboHead to produce over 1000 lumens of output while still retaining the stock appearance of the original SureFire bezel.

The Mini TurboHead is available with either of SureFire’s stock hard-anodized finishes, natural (gray) or matte black.  A selection of custom stainless steel bezel rings is also available to replace the original plastic ring used by SureFire.  The Mini TurboHead may be purchased separately or as part of a complete flashlight with pricing beginning around $200 for the head alone.

A sample of the Mini TurboHead, with black finish and crenelated bezel was provided by OVEREADY for the duration of this review.  Since the Mini TurboHead can be used with a variety of different hosts, the review will focus mainly on the head itself. Continue reading

SureFire Y300 Ultra

Review: SureFire Y300 Ultra

The new Y300 Ultra is SureFire’s latest entry into the compact handheld flashlight market and features a decidedly different look than any of their previous handheld flashlights. Based upon the X300 Ultra weapon light, the new Y300 Ultra is powered by a pair of 123A lithium primary batteries, arranged side-by-side rather than inline, resulting in an extremely compact design. In addition to a 500 lumen maximum output, the Y300 Ultra also adds a 15 lumen low mode suitable for up-close work.

To provide multiple carry options, the flashlight has an integrated magnetic base in place of the weapon mounting hardware of the X300 and may be used with the included quick-detach belt clip or steel 2-way pocket clip. The Y300 Ultra has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $295.00 with retail pricing approximately $210.00.

A sample of the Y300 Ultra was provided by SureFire for the duration of this review.  Continue reading