TorchLAB R1 Lawman McClicky Conversion

TorchLAB R1 Lawman McClicky Switch Conversion

The SureFire R1 Lawman is, without a doubt, one of the finest rechargeable duty lights ever brought to market. With high performance and a well thought out dual switch user interface, the Lawman certainly has a lot to offer but, as great as it is, some owners don’t care for the tail mounted twist style switch.

Fortunately for these owners, the TorchLAB R1 Lawman McClicky Kit provides an aftermarket solution to this problem by replacing the stock switch mechanism with a click-type switch. Built around the well regarded McClicky switch mechanism, the self-installation kit comes with all the parts needed to make the change in minutes.

The TorchLAB R1 Lawman McClicky Kit is available from OVEREADY for less than $30. A sample kit was provided for use during this review.Continue reading

SureFire Y300 Ultra

New SureFire Y300 Ultra

The SureFire Y300 Ultra is a compact 500 lumen flashlight with an unconventional shape, thanks to the side-by-side arrangement of its two CR123 lithium primary batteries.  Appearing like a pocketable version of the X300 WeaponLight, the Y300 offers several carry options with its included pocket clip, quick detach magnetic mount, and quick detach magnetic pocket clip.  Unlike its weapon mounted predecessor, the Y300 also provides a second lower output mode rated at 15 lumens.  Continue reading



The venerable SureFire 6P Original has received a 21st Century makeover from the fine folks at OVEREADY.  With modifications made to improve both performance and aesthetics, their Custom HA 6P allows users to get the most out of the latest P60 LED drop-ins and more powerful lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

Available with either black or natural (gray) hard-anodized finish, the Custom HA 6P can be purchased as a host (with no light engine) or as a turnkey flashlight with a TorchLAB Triple LED drop-in (Review) or M2 Mini Turbohead already installed.  A selection of switches, lenses, and bezel rings rounds out the available options allowing the Custom HA 6P to be configured in a multitude of ways.

A sample with black hard-anodized finish, black smooth steel bezel ring, Ultra-Clear lens, and McClicky tailcap switch was provided for this review by OVEREADY.  Since actual performance will vary depending upon the drop-in used, this review will focus on the host itself.  Continue reading

SureFire 6PX

Review: SureFire 6PX Tactical, Pro, and Defender

The SureFire 6PX is a compact handheld flashlight powered by two 123A lithium primary batteries and rated to produce 320 lumens in its highest output mode.  The 6PX is available in three versions, providing switch, output, and bezel options.

  • 6PX Tactical (6PX-C):  Single output version (320 lumens) equipped with a tactical press for momentary, twist for constant-on switch.
  • 6PX Pro (6PX-D):  Dual output version (15 lumens and 320 lumens) with a click-type switch.  Partially press for momentary-on low output or press further, until it clicks, for constant-on low output.  High mode is activated by returning to off and pressing (for momentary) or clicking (for constant-on) again within 2 seconds.  After being off for more than 2 seconds, the 6PX Pro will always return to low mode the next time it is turned on.
  • 6PX Defender (6PXD-C):  Single output version (320 lumens) with a click-type switch and crenelated bezel.

The Tactical and Pro versions have a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $90.00 and can be found at retail for less than $70.  The 6PXD Defender has an MSRP of $106.00 and retails for around $75.00. Continue reading

SureFire E to C Adapter from OVEREADY

SureFire E to C Adapter from OVEREADY

The SureFire E to C Adapter is a handy accessory which allows owners of SureFire E-Series lights to use P60 style bezels and drop-ins from larger lights such as the SureFire 6P, C2, and Z2. With the huge variety of bezels and drop-ins based on the P60 format, the E to C Adapter greatly expands customization options for E-series lights.

Unfortunately, genuine SureFire E to C Adapters are typically available only as one part of the LU60A Incandescent Lamp Module, intended for use with SureFire Scout Lights, which includes the E to C Adapter, a hard anodized black Z32 bezel, and P60 incandescent lamp assembly. As a result, the SureFire E to C Adapter is rarely available by itself, new or used, and usually commands a premium price.

However, genuine unused SureFire E to C adapters are available from OVEREADY at less than half the price of the LU60A. One such adapter was provided by OVEREADY for use in this evaluation. Continue reading

SureFire E1D LED Defender

Review: SureFire E1D LED Defender

The E1D LED Defender (E1DL-A) is the latest addition to the SureFire Defender line of flashlights and the first member to operate on only one 123A battery. Rated to produce a maximum of 300 lumens, the E1DL also offers a long-running 5 lumen low mode with its output focused by a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens.

The E1DL-A has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $240 with retail prices beginning around $170. Continue reading

SureFire E1D LED Defender

New SureFire E1D LED Defender

Early this morning a previously unexpected product, the E1D LED Defender, was prematurely launched on the SureFire website.  The product listing was subsequently pulled but SureFire has confirmed the E1D should be available by early May and the page is back online again.

Note:  The E1D LED Defender is now available.  Click here to view the full review.

The following information is from the published product listing:

Continue reading

SureFire UNR Commander

Review: SureFire UNR Commander

The SureFire UNR Commander is a high-output rechargeable LED flashlight with four output levels – ranging from 30 to 800 lumens – and a high intensity strobe mode.  Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the UNR Commander is “Dual-Fuel” capable and can operate at lower output levels with two 123A batteries in the included battery carrier.

A six position selector ring and unique 4-function tailcap switch are used to activate the various output modes with the full 800 lumen output always instantly available via SureFire’s MaxBlast feature.  The UNR Commander has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $655 with actual retail prices closer to $460.   Continue reading

SureFire 6PX and G2X Lower Prices

New Lower Prices From SureFire

This doesn’t happen every day.

Earlier this week SureFire announced a price reduction affecting each member of its popular 6PX and G2X families of handheld flashlights.  More than just a token reduction, the new Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) of these products are now 15-26% lower than just a week ago.

Actual retail pricing will be even lower and there has already been some price movement at some of the larger online retailers.  Although it may take some time for retail prices to stabilize after this reduction, it is almost certain that we will see the G2X dip below $60 (maybe even $50) at retail and the 6PX dropping down below $70.  These price points position SureFire to compete more directly against many of the imported lights in the same price ranges.  Continue reading

OVEREADY Custom HA Fire Red 6P

OVEREADY Custom Hard Anodized Fire Red 6P

As a certified SureFire Flashlight nut, I have been a longtime admirer of the offerings from OVEREADY.  It’s fair to say that for many flashaholics, myself included, the Oregon company’s custom parts represent the top of the line when it comes to custom and semi-custom flashlight parts.  Needless to say I was thrilled when I received an e-mail stating they had sent some of their products to see what I thought about them! Continue reading