Raven Concealment Systems Flashlight Pocket Clip

Raven Concealment Systems Pocket Clip


The folks at Raven Concealment Systems have a product that every owner of a one-inch tactical light needs to know about.  Their “SureFire P and G Series Pocket Clip,” as the name suggests, is designed primarily for use with popular SureFire lights such as the 6PX, G2X, and P2X Fury but is also compatible with many similarly sized lights from SureFire and other manufacturers.

SureFire P2X Fury with RCS pocket clip

The 100% Made in the USA product is constructed of high-strength spring steel and permits the light to be pocket carried in a bezel-down position.  A removable Nitrile O-ring is provided for use with the “ring technique” or the clip may be used as a lanyard attachment point.

Installation of the RCS pocket clip is easy and straightforward.  Simply remove the tailcap, batteries and O-ring(s) from the flashlight and slip the pocket clip into place.  The portion that slides over the tailcap has a small gap which allows the clip to expand and contract to maintain a tight grip on the flashlight body.

SureFire P2X Fury with RCS flashlight pocket clip

Some lights with twist-style momentary switches may lose the ability to operate in constant-on mode with the clip installed due to the tailcap not being able to tighten all the way onto the body.

Once the flashlight is reassembled the clip is held in place by friction against the flashlight body as well as the tailcap.  Although the clip may be moved after installation it does not spin freely and does a good job of staying in place.

The smooth design of the clip allows easy insertion into the pocket.  Once in place, the light is held very securely.

RCS Flashlight Pocket Clip

Photo courtesy of Raven Concealment Systems

Ring Technique

The Ring Technique is typically used in tactical situations but can be just as useful for less demanding tasks.  In this technique the ring basically acts as a short finger lanyard with many of the same benefits as longer versions.

When put into use, the flashlight is held just as it normally would be in an overhand or cigar-hold grip but with the index finger inserted through the O-ring.  Once the hand is closed around the light the O-ring substantially improves grip, particularly with smooth-bodied lights in a cigar-hold.

Elzetta Bravo with RCS pocket clip

The second benefit of the ring is that it allows the flashlight to be flipped out of the way, allowing use of the hand without having to lay the light down or stow it away.  Flipping the light so it lies across the back of the hand twists the O-ring around the finger ensuring the light stays in place, even if the hand is held vertically.

Ring Technique with RCS flashlight pocket clip

Fit and Function

The RCS Flashlight Pocket Clip was tested for fit and function on a variety of common 1″ tactical lights.

SureFire 6P 9P and 6P Defender with RCS pocket clip

Since it was originally designed for the 6P it is no surprise the clip fits and functions on the “Original” P-series lights in both momentary and constant-on modes with both twist-type and click-type switches.

SureFire 6PX P2X and P3X with RCS pocket clip

The clip also worked perfectly with the 6PX and P2X Fury in both momentary and constant-on mode.  The clip also worked fine with the tactical version of the P3X Fury (twist-type switch) but for some reason did not work at all with the P3X-B (2 mode, click switch).  However, when I replaced the P3X tailcap with one from the P2X Fury it worked fine so this may have been an issue with the switch and not the clip.

SureFire G2 and G2X with RCS flashlight pocket clip

The G2 and G2X-A both lost the ability to operate in constant-on mode with the clip installed, however momentary mode worked fine.  The G2X-B (with click switch) worked fine with the clip.

Elzetta Bravo and Charlie with RCS flashlight pocket clip

When equipped with the rotary tailcap, the Elzetta Bravo and Charlie would provide only momentary operation.  The High/Low click switch and standard click switch worked fine.

Malkoff MD2 and Klarus XT-11 with RCS pocket clip

The Malkoff MD2 and Klarus XT-11 both worked fine with the clip installed.


I am impressed by the Raven Concealment Systems flashlight pocket clip and, as I personally favor clips over holsters for my lights, I am glad to have another option for pocket carry.  The clip does its job well and should be versatile enough to fit many lights in addition to the ones listed above.  As a testament to its durability, I installed and removed the same clip over 20 times as I tested it on various lights.  There are no signs of wear other than the finish inside of the ring is slightly scuffed (where it rubs against the tailcap threads during installation and removal).

The pocket clip is available for purchase from the Raven Concealment Systems website for $14.99 and has a lifetime warranty.

Have you used the clip on any lights not shown above?  Sound off in the comments section below to let others know.

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    • I am afraid it won’t work with the HDS Rotary. It will only work with lights that have a gap between the body and tailcap such as the ones shown above. I would LOVE to have a nice clip for the Rotary!

  1. Thank you for the reply. That’s too bad; I was hoping to slip it on by taking the head off the HDS and sliding it towards the tail. Really hope a clip comes soon for the Rotary too!

  2. Do you know if they are still selling? I’ve checked the website a few times over a couple of weeks and a message says they are currently unavailable. I’ve been searching for a pocket clip for my P2X and this looks perfect.

    • I sent them an e-mail this morning after seeing your post. I just received a reply stating there was a production problem with the clips and they aren’t sure when they will be back in stock.

  3. Back in stock! I’ve been waiting over a year for these n just ordered a 3-pack. The best solution I’ve found for its purpose.

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