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OK, I admit it.  Writing about a visit to a store is a sure sign that I’m a flashlight nut.  It’s my burden to bear so let’s just move on . . .

I had to travel to Georgia for work earlier this week and, since my path took me through Atlanta, there was no way I could pass up stopping by Going Gear to check out their new store.  I visited their old store 2 years ago and was looking forward to seeing what they had been able to do with all the extra room and check out their flashlight selection (of course)!  I think I can safely speak for most flashaholics when I say that Going Gear is the “go to” place when it comes to the latest and greatest offerings from a huge variety of manufacturers.  

On the off chance you haven’t heard of Going Gear, the company was founded as an online store by Marshall Hoots in the summer of 2008.  Originally selling blank firesteel rods, the site soon expanded to include other survival items such as paracord and waterproof storage capsules.  Things really took off when flashlights were added to the mix in 2009 and their first store was opened in 2010.  With an ever growing selection of products they soon outgrew that original location and in 2013 purchased the much larger building where they are located today.

What better way to start your visit than to walk in the door and be greeted by this huge display of flashlights?

The Great Wall of Flashlights at Going Gear

Nearly 200 lights are on display, each equipped with batteries and ready for testing.  As impressive as the display is, it only represents a portion of the lights they have available and after a quick trip to the back room they can let you try out any light in their inventory.  It is flashaholic heaven.

It’s more than just the display as the staff is knowledgeable about the products they sell and Kyle was able to answer all my questions about the various brands they carry.  There was no way I would leave without purchasing at least one light and he helped me narrow down the selection to one I’m looking forward to reviewing later.

Flashlights are just one part of the business and they have a wide selection of other products related to outdoor activities.  Naturally I spent most of my time staring at the Great Wall of Flashlights but I did manage to snap a few pictures of the rest of the store.

Lots of outdoor clothing from brands such as Arc’Teryx, Icebreaker, Marmot, Salomon and others

Going Gear clothing selection

All types of packs and accessories

Packs and accessories at Going Gear

Survival gear for every occasion (including the ice storm that struck the very next evening)

Survival gear at Going Gear

A large selection of premium knives and camping/survival tools

Knives and tools at Going Gear

Did I mention they have flashlights?

Great wall of flashlights at Going Gear

If you can’t make it to Smyrna to visit the Going Gear store, I strongly recommend you head over to GoingGear.com to take a look at what they have to offer.  The website is intuitively laid out and allows nearly unlimited filtering and sorting of results to find the exact item you need.  Since I live 300 miles from the store, most of my purchases from Going Gear have been online and I have never been disappointed with the service or product.

To learn more about the many products they carry, the Going Gear YouTube channel is a tremendous resource where Marshall and the staff have uploaded over 600 videos including product reviews, comparisons, tutorials, and information about new or upcoming products.  It was these videos that spurred my interest in high-powered LED flashlights and ultimately influenced how I do my reviews.  Whether you are looking to buy your first quality LED flashlight or your 100th, Marshall’s videos will be of value to you.

Also be sure to keep an eye out for Going Gear on the various social media platforms so you can stay informed about the latest deals or discounts they are offering.

Have your own Going Gear experience to share?  Leave a note in the comments section below.

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