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If you’re familiar with the Muscular Dystrophy Association then you already know of their dedication to saving and improving lives of people fighting muscle disease.  Perhaps you also know how they provide health care, advocacy and education for those who are in need.  These good deeds require money and MDA relies heavily on donations from those who are able to help those that can’t.

As part of the fund raising activities each year numerous people volunteer to go to “jail” in support of this great cause in the hopes that their friends, co-workers, business associates and customers will raise enough bail money to set them free.  Of course they won’t really stay in jail if the money isn’t raised but they often make up the difference out of their own pockets.

Gene Malkoff Lockup

This year Gene Malkoff, of Malkoff Designs, is one of those volunteers and he’s hoping to raise enough bail money to send four children to MDA Summer Camp.  For the many fans of his products this represents an opportunity to support a worthy cause and save money on their next Malkoff purchase as Gene is offering special discount codes to those who help bail him out!

    • 25% Discount ($100 Donation)
    • 35% Discount ($500 Donation)
    • 40% Discount ($1000 Donation)

To help make a difference, simply visit Gene’s personal lock-up page and make your donation.  Once finished let him know by sending him an e-mail from the Malkoff Devices website contact page and sit back and wait for your very own discount code, good for one order during the next 30 days.  The discount may only be applied to items that are in stock and to purchases of $2000 or less.  Don’t forget, the donation may be tax deductible as well!

Gene Malkoff MDA Lockup

Time is running out for Gene as he’s scheduled to be locked up on June 18, so hurry on over and make your contribution now.  Even if you can’t donate $100, any amount helps so let’s all do our part to support MDA and get Gene out of “jail.”   That way he can continue making the great flashlights and drop-ins we all enjoy!

Follow the links below for more information about the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Lock-Up program, and other ways you can help.


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