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Anytech Tactical is based near Brisbane, Australia where they develop, modify, and distribute tactical lighting and equipment.  In addition to a full selection of tactical flashlights and hosts, they also carry their own line of LED drop-in modules for use with SureFire, Solarforce, and other lights that use the common P60 drop-in format.

Based on the Cree XM-L2 emitter, the drop-ins are rated to produce 800 lumens of output when powered by a single 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery.  Several different configurations are available with anywhere from 1 to 4 different operating modes allowing various combinations of High, Medium, Low and Strobe outputs.

A sample drop-in module configured for High/Medium/Strobe operation was provided by Anytech for review.

Anytech P60 Drop-in – Overview

The Anytech drop-in had a long way to travel in order to reach the United States but arrived safe and sound protected by a clear plastic capsule.  Prominent labeling reinforces that the drop-in has a maximum operating voltage of 4.5V and is not suitable for use in multi-battery configurations.  The drop-in features a machined aluminum reflector to harness the output of the big emitter.

Anytech P60 LED drop-in for SureFire lights

A brass heatsink is used to pull heat away from the electronics and sturdy srpings are provided to make electrical contact with the battery and flashlight body.

Anytech P60 drop-in for SureFire lights

With the outer spring in place, the Anytech P60 drop-in is set up perfectly for use in Solarforce hosts, leaving no gap between the bezel and body.

Anytech P60 LED Drop-in with Solarforce L2P

As with other similarly designed drop-in modules, the outer spring is too long for use with SureFire hosts like the C2 Centurion.  For proper fit and operation, the outer spring should be cut down so that only a couple of coils remain (shown here with a cut down spring from my parts box).

Anytech P60 XM-L2 Drop-in for SureFire

With the properly sized spring in place the drop-in fits snugly in the SureFire C2 Centurion.

Anytech P60 LED Drop-in with SureFire C2 Centurion

When first activated, the light will always start in the highest output mode with the subsequent modes accessed by quickly releasing and pressing the switch again.  After the light is on for more than one second it will always default back to the high output mode the next time the switch is cycled.

Anytech P60 Drop-in Performance

The big XM-L2 emitter and mirror-smooth reflector produce a well focused beam, especially considering the size limitations of the P60 format.  The tight center hotspot is white in color and, as with other XM-L2 based lights, has some yellow and green tint in the surrounding corona.  The inner portion of the spill beam has a cooler tint and is like a secondary hotspot with good intensity and reach.  From there the output drops abruptly into a broad but much less intense spill beam.  Rings are present between the different parts of the spill beam.

Anytech P60 LED Drop-in for SureFire flashlights

The Anytech P60 drop-in competes quite well against lights with the same or slightly higher output ratings giving the impression that it may be even more powerful than its 800 lumen rating would indicate.  In high mode the drop-in is capable of easily illuminating targets 150 yards away and is effective to 40-50 yards in the medium mode.

The following slides compare the Anytech P60 XM-L2 drop-in to a variety of other lights to provide some perspective with regard to output, beam profile, and beam tint.  The beamshots can be compared across the full width of the image using the slider and additional comparisons may be accessed using the navigation buttons in the bottom-right corner of each image.

The following lights are shown for comparison:

  1. SureFire P2X Fury (Review)
  2. Elzetta Bravo with AVS head (Review)
  3. Streamlight ProTac HL 2
  4. FourSevens Maelstrom Regen MMR-X (Review)
  5. Klarus XT11 Upgrade (Review)
  6. Elzetta Charlie with AVS head (Review)
  7. Malkoff MD4 with M91A drop-in
  8. SureFire P3X Fury (Review)
  9. Streamlight ProTac HL 3 (Review)
  10. Malkoff Hound Dog V3 (Review)
  11. OVEREADY Mini TurboHead (Review)

Beamshots – 30 Yards to Swing

Beamshots – 40 Yards to Swing


Runtime tests of the high and medium output modes were conducted using a single AW 18650 3400mAh lithium-ion battery.

Anytech P60 Drop for SureFire runtime

In high mode the Anytech P60 drop-in produced a long tapering output reaching 50% of its initial level after 78 minutes and 10% after 2 hours of continuous runtime.  Output of the medium mode was much flatter, beginning at approximately 30% of the high mode and running for 5.5 hours before dropping to 10% (full runtime not shown).

Anytech P60 LED drop-in for SureFire

The tests were conducted using a SureFire C2 Centurion equipped with a Cryos Cooling Bezel.  During the tests the head became quite warm to the touch but was never overly hot.

Anytech P60 Drop-in – Conclusions

Over the course of the review the Anytech drop-in worked exactly as it should with both Solarforce and SureFire hosts.  The powerful beam provides good reach yet still lights up a broad area.  The medium output mode also provides a substantial amount of light, as much as many duty lights, but also adds considerably to the overall runtime.  The user interface is different than what I am accustomed to but seems to be well suited for its intended use.

Anytech P60 LED drop-in for SureFire

The drop-in does not appear to maintain its output level as well as some other lights but, in this regard, the runtime chart can be somewhat misleading.  Where some lights, such as the Klarus XT11 Upgrade, can claim similar output levels and much longer runtimes, they do so by starting out at maximum output and then dropping abruptly to a much lower level after only a few minutes of operation.  When maximum output is required for 5, 10, or even 30 minutes the Anytech drop-in will have the edge over these others.

Anytech products are produced and shipped from Australia.  For more information about the available drop-in options be sure to visit the Anytech website.

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