SureFire M3LT M6LT UB3T R1 UBR UNR 1000 lumens

More Lumens! SureFire Announces Upgraded Lights


SureFire has officially announced several upgraded versions of their premium handheld and weapon mounted lights.  First previewed at the 2014 SHOT Show®, these newly revised lights feature an upgraded emitter which boosts output from 25% to 60% over their predecessors.

According to the SureFire website, the newly upgraded lights will have the same Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) as the earlier versions.  Street pricing will vary by retailer.  (All images courtesy of SureFire, LLC)

The rated output of the M3LT, M3LT-S, UB3T Invictus, UNR Commander, and UBR Invictus has now been bumped up to 1000 lumens, a 25% increase over their original rating of 800 lumens.  The rechargeable R1 Lawman has also been increased to 1000 lumens, 33% more than its previous 750 lumen version.  Also seeing a 33% boost is the 1200 lumen M6LT Guardian, SureFire’s most powerful handheld LED flashlight.  (See the full review of the 1200 lumen M6LT Guardian)

SureFire M3LT M6LT UB3T R1 UBR UNR 1000 lumens

The improvements are not limited to handheld lights as a few of the more powerful weapon lights have also received upgrades.

SureFire M900L M900LT M962LT 1000 lumens

The M900L Vertical Foregrip light is making a massive 60% jump in output, up to 800 lumens.  The TurboHead M900LT and M962LT are also seeing increases, from their original 700 lumen ratings up to 1000 lumens.

SureFire M900L M900LT M962LT 1000 lumens

Based upon my review of the 1200 lumen M6LT Guardian, it appears the increased output is due to switching from the Cree XM-L emitter to the more modern XM-L2.

Be sure to visit the SureFire website for additional information on the recently upgraded lights.

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