SureFire 2015 New Product Overview

SureFire 2015 New Products


Like many companies, SureFire uses the annual SHOT Show® to showcase their diverse line of products to prospective buyers and users.  The bulk of their booth space is devoted to displaying their current offerings including illumination tools, tactical equipment, hearing protection, and training services.

However, it is the circular display counter at the center of the booth that arguably draws the most attention.  Arrayed with the newest products planned for the coming year, this is where visitors can lay their eyes and hands upon the next generation of SureFire flashlights.  Judging from the size of the crowd around this display, there was no shortage of people who were interested in seeing what SureFire has been up to.

SureFire new products display at 2015 SHOT Show

Probably the biggest surprise this year was the introduction of several lights, both handheld and weapon mounted, that are powered by AA and AAA sized batteries.  After years of relying almost entirely upon 123A lithium batteries (with the E2L-AA being the notable exception), this shift is a very interesting development and should be welcomed by those who don’t have ready access to 123As.

SureFire 2015 New Products – Overview

Let’s take a look at what’s on tap for 2015.  Thanks to Andrew for allowing us to videotape his product demonstration.

As mentioned in the video, the UDR Dominator was released late last year.  For a closer look and more information about that flashlight, visit the UDR Dominator Review here on FlashlightGuide.

The following is a summary of the 2015 new and/or upgraded lights based upon current information.  Keep in mind that prices, specifications, and features can easily change before the lights become available over the course of the year.

SureFire 2015 New Feature – MaxVision Beam

The product of a brand new reflector design introduced this year, the MaxVision beam is touted as a “broad perfectly dispersed light pattern ideal for close to mid-range tasks.”  Not simply a shiny piece of aluminum, the multi-faceted design of the 10 mm reflector required more than 1 billion calculations to get it just right.  The finished product is almost jewel-like in appearance.

SureFire 2015 New Products

The faceted reflector makes its debut with several new lights including the Titan, Titan Plus, 2211X Wrist Light, and XC1 Weapon Light.  It will also be working its way into some existing products including the remaining 2211 Wrist Lights as well as the Maximus and Minimus headlamps.

SureFire 2015 New Products – Weapon Lights

The XC1 pistol light is based upon a brand new platform for SureFire and is, by far, their smallest weapon light to date. It still retains ambidextrous switching as found on the larger X300 series of lights but is powered by a single AAA lithium battery which contributes to its smaller size.  The battery is changed from the front, without removing the light from the pistol, and the 200 lumen output is shaped by the new MaxVision reflector.

For rifle mounting, the new M600 AA has been added to the Scout Light lineup and is powered by a pair of AA lithium batteries.  It also provides 200 lumens of output focused by a TIR (Total Internal Reflection) optic to create a tighter beam with much more reach than the smaller pistol light.

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In addition to the new lights, upgrades are planned for some existing weapon lights.  The M300 Mini Scout Light will see its output bumped to 300 lumens, while the 328LM/328LMG and 628LM/628LMF forends will be boosted considerably, to 300 and 500 lumens respectively.

 XC1 Pistol LightM600 AA Scout Light
Output200 lumens200 lumens
Runtime*1.5 hours3.75 hours
Peak Beam Intensity*730 candela6,400 candela
Distance*54 meters160 meters
ConstructionAluminum, Mil-Spec anodizedAluminum, Mil-Spec anodized
Weight (w/ batteries)4.1 oz (116 g)5.2 oz (148 g)
Length2.375" (6 cm)6.875" (17.4 cm)
Bezel Diameter.375" (.95 cm)1.125" (2.9 cm)
BatteriesOne AAA lithium (included) or alkalineTwo AA lithium (included) or Alkaline
SwitchingAmbidextrous momentary / constant-on push-throughClick-type / Tape switch

* Per the ANSI FL1 Standard

SureFire 2015 New Products – Titan-A and Titan Plus

The SureFire Titan is back for 2015 albeit in a different form than its predecessors.  Built to be powered by a rechargeable Eneloop AAA battery, both versions of the new Titan provide two output levels selected via a “twisty” head switch.  Tighten the head for the 15 lumen low mode and then loosen and tighten again to trigger full output.

The Titan-A features aluminum construction with a hard-anodized black finish and has a maximum output of 125 lumens.  Its slightly larger brother, the Titan Plus, is constructed of nickel-plated brass and is capable of producing up to 300 lumens.  Both Titans use the new faceted reflector to produce a wide MaxVision beam.  The Titan Plus adds a removable pocket clip as well as a quick-detach key ring.  Pricing is expected to be $59.99 for the Titan-A and $99.99 for the Titan Plus.

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 Titan-ATitan Plus
OutputHigh: 125 lumens
Low: 15 lumens
High: 300 lumens
Low: 15 lumens
Runtime*High: 30 minutes
Low: 2 hours
High: 1 hour
Low: 2 hours
Peak Beam Intensity*450 candela1,100 candela
Distance*43 meters66 meters
ConstructionAluminum, Mil-Spec anodizedNickel-plated brass
Weight (w/ batteries)1 oz (28 g)1.8 oz (51 g)
Length3" (7.62 cm)3.375" (8.6 cm)
Bezel Diameter.58" (1.47 cm).58" (1.47 cm)
BatteriesOne AAA NiMH (included) or AlkalineOne AAA NiMH (included) or Alkaline
SwitchingHead switchHead switch

* Per ANSI FL1 Standard

SureFire 2015 New Products – P2X Fury with IntelliBeam and PMX Fury

The popular Fury family of flashlights is set to expand with the addition of two new members in 2015.  A new variant of the P2X Fury features SureFire’s new IntelliBeam Technology which can automatically adjust the light’s output based upon the ambient conditions as well as the amount of light reflected back at the user.  This magic is accomplished through the use of a microprocessor controlled system which constantly monitors changing conditions and makes adjustments within milliseconds.  A second operating mode allows this feature to be disabled when a constant 600 lumen output is needed.

The PMX Fury is based upon the same design as the P3X Fury (see the review) but adds dual-fuel capability and can be operated with a pair of AA batteries.  Maximum output is reduced, from 1000 lumens to 200, when powered by AA batteries.  A plastic sleeve is included for use with the AA batteries.

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 P2X Fury IntelliBeamPMX Fury
OutputHigh: 600 lumens
Low: 5 lumens
High: 1000 lumens (123A)
High: 200 lumens (AA)
Runtime*High: 1.5 hours
Low: 45 hours
High: 2.25 hours (123A)
High: 13 hours (AA)
Peak Beam Intensity*14,750 candela22,100 candela
Distance*243 meters297 meters (123A)
180 meters (AA)
ConstructionAluminum, Mil-Spec Type IIIAluminum, Mil-Spec Type III
Weight (w/ batteries)5.8 oz (164 g)7.2 oz (204 g)
Length5.8" (14.7 cm)6.6" (16.7 cm)
Bezel Diameter1.4" (3.6 cm)1.37" (3.6 cm)
BatteriesTwo lithium 123A (included)Three 123A lithium (included) or Two AA
SwitchingClick-typeDual-output Click-type

* Per ANSI FL1 Standard          Low output values and runtimes not currently available

SureFire 2015 New Products – 2211X and 2211 Luminox Wrist Lights

Since their introduction, the 2211 Wrist Lights have been characterized by their aluminum construction, integrated rechargeable battery, and hefty price tag.  The introduction of the new 2211X Wrist Light flips all those characterizations on their lid with its polymer body, 123A lithium power source, and an anticipated price much lower than its predecessors.  Although it lacks some of the features of its more expensive brethren, the 2211X provides the same 300 lumen maximum output, activated with a single touch of its top-mounted switch, and shaped into a MaxVision beam by its faceted reflector.

While not completely new for 2015, the original 2211 and 2211 Luminox are also being bumped up to 300 lumens and will be transitioned to the new faceted reflector.

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 2211X2211 Luminox
OutputHigh: 300 lumens
Low: 15 lumens
High: 300 lumens
Low: 15 lumens
Runtime*High: 1.5 hours
Low: 13 hours
High: 1.5 hours
Low: 13 hours
Peak Beam Intensity*1,100 candela1,100 candela
Distance*66 meters66 meters
ConstructionHigh-impact polymerAluminum, Mil-Spec Type III
Weight (w/ batteries)3.5 oz (99 g)4.5 oz (128 g)
Dimensions1.3"L x 2.6"W x 1.8"H2.4"L x 2.0"W x 1.1"H
BatteriesOne 123A lithium (included)One lithium-ion rechargeable (integrated)

* Per ANSI FL1 Standard

SureFire 2015 New Products – UM2 Ultra and R2 Lawman

The UM2 Ultra retains many of the features of its predecessor, the U2 Ultra, most notably its six position selector ring that allows easy access to any of its six preset output levels.  Also like the original, the new UM2 has a knurled body and integrated pocket clip permitting bezel-down carry.  However, things are very different at the business end of the light where output has been increased to a maximum of 600 lumens focused by a newly designed 28 mm TIR lens.  The resulting beam is one of the cleanest I have ever seen from a TIR lens.

The R2 Lawman is a compact rechargeable flashlight, based upon the R1 Lawman (see the R1 Lawman Review), that incorporates what may be the most interesting switch arrangement yet to be seen on a SureFire.  With the combination of its programmable electronic head switch and VOC tailcap, users may select from up to 3 preset output levels and use the rotary control at the tail to fine tune the output level.  Regardless of what level is selected, maximum output is instantly activated with a press of the tailcap button.  The R2 Lawman is powered by a user replaceable 18650 battery which may be charged within the light.

Both of these lights have been around for a while in concept form and I’m hopeful they will finally arrive this year.  I’m particularly excited about the prospects of the UM2 Ultra.

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 UM2 UltraR2 Lawman
OutputHigh: 600 lumens
Low: 5 lumens
High: 600 lumens
Low: 15 lumens
Runtime*High: 1.5 hours
Low: 45 hours
High: 1.75 hours
Low: 37 hours
Peak Beam Intensity*13,000 candela17,600 candela
Distance*229 meters290 meters
ConstructionAluminum, Mil-Spec Type IIIAluminum, Mil-Spec Type III
Weight (w/ batteries)6.9 oz (196 g)10.2 oz (289 g)
Length6.25" (15.9 cm)6.7" (17 cm)
Bezel Diameter1.5" (3.8 cm)1.6" (4.1 cm)
BatteriesTwo 123A lithium (included)18650 lithium-ion (included)
SwitchingClick-Type / Selector ringVOC tailcap & bezel switch

* Per ANSI FL1 Standard

SureFire 2015 New Products – Conclusions

Historically the announcements at SHOT Show are followed by a period of waiting to see when, or if, the new designs will be ready for release.  No exact release dates were shared at SHOT but it appears there is a big push to get the Titan-A out the door by the end of February.

Aside from the new products, the 2015 catalog hints at some interesting changes.  For the first time ever, all performance metrics are listed accordance with the ANSI FL1 Standard.  Although IPX ratings are not currently provided, hopefully this will open the door for their inclusion in the future.

The single-mode tactical versions of the G2X, 6PX, P2X Fury, P3X Fury, and P1R Peacekeeper are all listed with a click-type tailcap switch rather than the traditional tactical tailcap.  The CombatLight versions (Z2X, G2ZX, etc.) are still listed with the tactical tailcap so it appears this style will still be available if needed for Law Enforcement or Military orders.

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