NightHawk Lights Beacon C2

NightHawk Lights New Product

NightHawk Lights has announced the upcoming release of the Beacon C², a tiny hands-free LED flashlight that can also be used to provide a boost to electronic devices with its built-in Li-Po rechargeable battery pack.  Possibly one of the smallest such devices on the market, its anodized aerospace aluminum housing measures only 1.9″x1.3″x.9″ and weighs a mere 2.5 ounces.  Continue reading

SureFire 6PX and G2X Lower Prices

New Lower Prices From SureFire

This doesn’t happen every day.

Earlier this week SureFire announced a price reduction affecting each member of its popular 6PX and G2X families of handheld flashlights.  More than just a token reduction, the new Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) of these products are now 15-26% lower than just a week ago.

Actual retail pricing will be even lower and there has already been some price movement at some of the larger online retailers.  Although it may take some time for retail prices to stabilize after this reduction, it is almost certain that we will see the G2X dip below $60 (maybe even $50) at retail and the 6PX dropping down below $70.  These price points position SureFire to compete more directly against many of the imported lights in the same price ranges.  Continue reading

Going Gear Logo

Going Gear Visit

OK, I admit it.  Writing about a visit to a store is a sure sign that I’m a flashlight nut.  It’s my burden to bear so let’s just move on . . .

I had to travel to Georgia for work earlier this week and, since my path took me through Atlanta, there was no way I could pass up stopping by Going Gear to check out their new store.  I visited their old store 2 years ago and was looking forward to seeing what they had been able to do with all the extra room and check out their flashlight selection (of course)!  I think I can safely speak for most flashaholics when I say that Going Gear is the “go to” place when it comes to the latest and greatest offerings from a huge variety of manufacturers.  Continue reading

New 2014 Streamlight Flashlights

New 2014 Streamlight Products

With SHOT Show 2014 underway Streamlight has taken the opportunity to announce several new additions to their product line for 2014.  Mostly based upon some of their more popular existing products, these new members of the Streamlight family offer increased outputs and/or runtime when compared to their predecessors. Continue reading

Elzetta Alpha

New Elzetta Alpha Planned for 2014

Edit 6/26/2014:  Elzetta Designs has announced the release of their new 1-cell Alpha Modular Flashlight.  First displayed at SHOT Show 2014 (in prototype form) the new Alpha is now available for purchase directly from Elzetta.

The new light appears to retain Elzetta’s modular design philosophy which is good news for owners of existing Elzetta products and should allow different configurations based upon user preference and needs.  Most existing Elzetta tailcaps can be used with the new Alpha with the High/Low tailcap being the only exception.  The Alpha can be ordered with its own specific High/Low tailcap tailored to produce a 7 lumen low output mode in addition to the 315 lumen high mode.

Elzetta has also released their new Speed Clip today which fits the Alpha as well as the existing Bravo and Charlie models.  Designed to be installed without the use of tools, the new Speed Clip may be installed in various locations on the lights to allow for bezel-up or bezel-down carry.

Continue reading

SureFire KE1 head disassembled

SureFire KE1 Head Teardown

It was only a matter of time before someone tore into one of the new SureFire LED heads and intrepid CandlepowerForum member FREI is the first to post photos of a disassembled KE1 head from the SureFire E1L-A Outdoorsman flashlight (Full Review).  As several lights utilize heads based upon the same architecture as the KE1, these photos provide valuable insight into the construction and future upgrade potential of these heads.Continue reading

SureFire HellFighter 5

New SureFire Products for 2014

With SHOT Show right around the corner it’s almost time for us to see the introduction of the latest SureFire products. As we all know, these products don’t always make it onto store shelves but it’s always interesting to see what the future might hold. SureFire gave a small taste of what we can expect when they published a couple of photos via social media. Continue reading

SureFire SW01 Real vs Fake

Beware of Counterfeit SureFire Parts

One measure of the popularity and success of SureFire flashlights is the sheer number of cheap knock-off versions that have been created through the years and marketed under various brand names.  However, as unethical as that practice may be, some take things to a whole new level when they produce counterfeit products bearing the SureFire name. Continue reading

Elzetta High Output Head

Elzetta Charlie and Bravo Beamshots

The mailman delivered a new Elzetta Charlie with AVS today, along with an extra Bravo body, and I couldn’t wait to get some beamshots of the light in action.  After hearing what others had to say about the new high-output heads, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect but I was still impressed by the performance in both 2 and 3 cell configurations.  Continue reading