OVEREADY SureFire Mini TurboHead

Review: OVEREADY Mini TurboHead

The OVEREADY Mini TurboHead is a no-holds-barred, high output upgrade for the SureFire 6P, C2, Z2 and other compatible flashlights.  Based upon the SureFire Z32 bezel, which was designed for use with incandescent lamp modules, the Mini TurboHead is totally reworked on the inside to accommodate a high performance Cree XM-L2 LED in Cool White or Neutral tint.  These modifications allow the Mini TurboHead to produce over 1000 lumens of output while still retaining the stock appearance of the original SureFire bezel.

The Mini TurboHead is available with either of SureFire’s stock hard-anodized finishes, natural (gray) or matte black.  A selection of custom stainless steel bezel rings is also available to replace the original plastic ring used by SureFire.  The Mini TurboHead may be purchased separately or as part of a complete flashlight with pricing beginning around $200 for the head alone.

A sample of the Mini TurboHead, with black finish and crenelated bezel was provided by OVEREADY for the duration of this review.  Since the Mini TurboHead can be used with a variety of different hosts, the review will focus mainly on the head itself. Continue reading

TorchLAB R1 Lawman McClicky Conversion

TorchLAB R1 Lawman McClicky Switch Conversion

The SureFire R1 Lawman is, without a doubt, one of the finest rechargeable duty lights ever brought to market. With high performance and a well thought out dual switch user interface, the Lawman certainly has a lot to offer but, as great as it is, some owners don’t care for the tail mounted twist style switch.

Fortunately for these owners, the TorchLAB R1 Lawman McClicky Kit provides an aftermarket solution to this problem by replacing the stock switch mechanism with a click-type switch. Built around the well regarded McClicky switch mechanism, the self-installation kit comes with all the parts needed to make the change in minutes.

The TorchLAB R1 Lawman McClicky Kit is available from OVEREADY for less than $30. A sample kit was provided for use during this review.Continue reading



The venerable SureFire 6P Original has received a 21st Century makeover from the fine folks at OVEREADY.  With modifications made to improve both performance and aesthetics, their Custom HA 6P allows users to get the most out of the latest P60 LED drop-ins and more powerful lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

Available with either black or natural (gray) hard-anodized finish, the Custom HA 6P can be purchased as a host (with no light engine) or as a turnkey flashlight with a TorchLAB Triple LED drop-in (Review) or M2 Mini Turbohead already installed.  A selection of switches, lenses, and bezel rings rounds out the available options allowing the Custom HA 6P to be configured in a multitude of ways.

A sample with black hard-anodized finish, black smooth steel bezel ring, Ultra-Clear lens, and McClicky tailcap switch was provided for this review by OVEREADY.  Since actual performance will vary depending upon the drop-in used, this review will focus on the host itself.  Continue reading

SureFire E to C Adapter from OVEREADY

SureFire E to C Adapter from OVEREADY

The SureFire E to C Adapter is a handy accessory which allows owners of SureFire E-Series lights to use P60 style bezels and drop-ins from larger lights such as the SureFire 6P, C2, and Z2. With the huge variety of bezels and drop-ins based on the P60 format, the E to C Adapter greatly expands customization options for E-series lights.

Unfortunately, genuine SureFire E to C Adapters are typically available only as one part of the LU60A Incandescent Lamp Module, intended for use with SureFire Scout Lights, which includes the E to C Adapter, a hard anodized black Z32 bezel, and P60 incandescent lamp assembly. As a result, the SureFire E to C Adapter is rarely available by itself, new or used, and usually commands a premium price.

However, genuine unused SureFire E to C adapters are available from OVEREADY at less than half the price of the LU60A. One such adapter was provided by OVEREADY for use in this evaluation. Continue reading

OVEREADY Triple LED P60 Drop-in

Review: OVEREADY TorchLab Triple

The TorchLab Triple series of LED drop-ins is a family of ultra high-output light engines that provide a drastic performance upgrade for SureFire flashlights based on the common P60 lamp assembly format.  Produced and sold exclusively by OVEREADY, the TorchLab Triple is available in various configurations with different user interfaces, output levels, and beam characteristics.

Three different user interfaces are available:

  • A single-mode version for use in weapon lights or when only the highest output level is required
  • LMH (Low / Medium / High) version with three output levels at 1%, 30%, and 100%
  • HML (High / Medium / Low) version with the same output levels as the LMH but in reverse order

Continue reading

Sportac P60 Triple Drop-ins

Review: Sportac P60 Triple Drop-In Modules

Since their introduction a few months ago, the triple-emitter Sportac LED drop-in modules for SureFire hosts have been very popular with enthusiasts looking to boost the output from their P60 SureFire lights.  Featuring all brass heatsink construction, the Sportac triples provide a single output level and are available with a choice of emitters, either Cree XP-G2 S2 Cool White or Nichia 219 High CRI (Color Rendering Index) LEDs.

Sportac also manufactures drop-ins with a heatsink sized for the common 18650 P60 hosts from manufacturers other than SureFire.  Those 18650 P60 drop-ins will not fit SureFire lights due to the heatsink being squared and not tapered at the bottom.

This review will focus on the Cool White XP-G2 and High CRI Nichia 210 triples for SureFire hosts.  Both drop-ins retail for less than $40. Continue reading

Costa SwitchBack Backup Tactical Flashlight Ring

Costa SwitchBack Backup

The Costa SwitchBack Backup from Thyrm LLC is a grip enhancement device intended for use with tactical versions of the SureFire EB1 and EB2 Backup.  Designed in collaboration with Chris Costa of Costa Ludus as a “tactical tool that bridges the gap between flashlight and weapon-light,” the SwitchBack Backup allows the user to quickly deploy the flashlight for searching or single-hand shooting techniques, but then quickly reorient the light for use with a two-handed shooting grip. Continue reading


OVEREADY “Shorty” P60 Host

OVEREADY offers what is likely the largest variety anywhere of parts and pieces for customizing a stock SureFire or building a 100% custom flashlight. Based upon the SureFire C/P/Z-series lights, these parts are fully modular and interchangeable with stock SureFire parts, allowing users to configure their light exactly the way they want it.

For purposes of this review OVEREADY provided a complete custom host (without LED drop-in) in a “Shorty” configuration set up for use with common P60 style LED drop-ins powered by a single battery. The Shorty earns its name due to its mere 3.2″ length which is over ½” shorter than the similarly styled SureFire 3P.   Continue reading

Costa SwitchBack Tactical Flashlight Ring

Costa SwitchBack Tactical Flashlight Ring

Ask anyone what they look for in a flashlight and they will usually mention characteristics related to the light’s primary job, providing illumination.  However, regardless of the quantity or quality of light produced, a flashlight is effective only if it can be deployed in a way that is suitable for the task or mission – whether that be taking the dog for a walk or something more tactical in nature.

Ever since a flashlight was first used in conjunction with a handgun, a number of companies have looked for ways of providing quicker deployment and enhanced grip without interfering with the user’s natural shooting position.  Thyrm LLC, in collaboration with Chris Costa of Costa Ludus, is the latest such company to enter the fray with the introduction of their Costa SwitchBack tactical flashlight ring.  Continue reading

Elzetta Flood Lens

Flood Lens for Elzetta High Output Flashlights

Elzetta Designs has announced the availability of their new flood style lens for use with their High Output flashlights.  Made from solid acrylic, this new lens is designed to produce a very broad and even beam with hardly any center hot spot as found with conventional reflectors and optics.  For those keeping score at home this latest addition means there are now 120 possible configurations of the Elzetta modular flashlight!  Continue reading