About FlashlightGuide

FlashlightGuide.com was originally created to be a comprehensive source of information about selected types and brands of flashlights from the past and present.  Intended to be a resource for collectors, the initial focus was on creating "Fact Sheets" of various lights that were no longer in production.  This was to be followed by information regarding upgrade modifications available for these older lights as well as reviews of new products.  Real reviews, based upon actual use of the products, not simply conducted at a desk.

Along the way, the mission has changed somewhat, with reviews of new products becoming a more prominent feature of the site, but the initial underlying goal remains the same.

About Jim Basham

I am a flashlight collector and enthusiast, otherwise known as a flashaholic.  I was hooked as soon as I bought my first "good" flashlight, a special edition NRA version of the venerable SureFire 6P.  Although I already owned more modern and powerful lights, I was taken by the quality of the 6P and intrigued by all of the customization options available.  That first light was soon joined by others, the beginning of a collection and planting the seeds for an enjoyable hobby.

The creation of a website, something I had always wanted to do, seemed like a natural evolution of my hobby and led to the founding of FlashlightGuide.com.

About Paul Banks

Growing up in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, I have always been at home in the outdoors. You just grew up camping, fishing and shooting. The shooting usually started with a Daisy BB gun where you were educated about gun safety and marksmanship which was really training to handle your first 22. From that point, I was hooked, always looking for the next gun, rod, flashlight, tool or gizmo that did it better, made it better or was just cool.  

Being a part of FlashlightGuide.com allows me to combine these pursuits with my interest in photography.

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