SureFire SW01 Real vs Fake

Beware of Counterfeit SureFire Parts


One measure of the popularity and success of SureFire flashlights is the sheer number of cheap knock-off versions that have been created through the years and marketed under various brand names.  However, as unethical as that practice may be, some take things to a whole new level when they produce counterfeit products bearing the SureFire name.

SureFire SW01 Real vs Fake

Photo courtesy of CPF Member Rat

This is not a new phenomenon but recently a CandlepowerForum member, who goes by the handle of “Rat,” shared some very valuable information based on how he was deceived into purchasing what he thought were genuine SureFire parts.  For the record, Rat possesses one of the finest collections of vintage SureFire flashlights anywhere in the world and if this could happen to him, it could happen to anyone.

SureFire SW01 Fatty Real vs Fake

Photo courtesy of CPF Member Rat

To his credit, Rat is doing everything he can to inform collectors of these fakes and to help ensure this doesn’t happen to others.  Toward this end, he has created a thread at CPF providing photos and detailed descriptions to help expose these fakes.

SureFire Z49 Real vs Counterfeit

Photo courtesy of CPF Member Rat

If you are a collector or if you have considered buying or selling any of these older parts, I encourage you to visit the CPF thread to get the full details on the products and their seller(s) on eBay.

Of course, the fakes are not limited to old and discontinued products.  There are several disreputable manufacturers who are producing counterfeit versions of more current SureFire offerings as well.  Remember the old adage, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

If you have come into possession of any counterfeit SureFire parts, I encourage you to take the following steps:

  1. Stop payment and seek redress from the seller, if possible
  2. Contact SureFire directly (Link)
  3. And finally, as painful as it may be, share your experiences so that others may learn.

If you are not a member at CPF or don’t wish to post the information yourself, you may send me a message through the Contact Page or leave a comment below and I will forward your information anonymously to the rest of the community.

I would like to see anyone who knowingly sells or manufactures counterfeit products prosecuted for their crime but, unfortunately, many of them are geographically or politically out of reach.  However, informed buyers can drastically cut into the profit margins of these scumbags by not purchasing their counterfeit goods.  Depriving them of their profit will take away their incentive to produce these bogus products.

Please do your part to put these crooks out of business and share this information with any other collectors.

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  1. I have a Sure Fire model 6R with a B65 battery stick. I have long lost the charger and of course the battery is Dead. How can i get this great light functioning again? Thanks for your help. Ed Gorman

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