2015 SHOT Show Day 1

2015 SHOT Show: Day 1 Recap

The 2015 SHOT Show® got off to a roaring start this week and the first day is in the books. I’ve been battling computer problems which have hampered my ability to post updates but I do have a few quick hitters I can share from Day 1.

As soon as I entered the show, I ran into the Brite-Strike booth and received a great overview of their product line from Beth and Glenn. The Plymouth, MA based company manufactures a full line of tactical flashlights as well as numerous products intended to assist in law enforcement functions. One such product is their APALS (All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips) system, a nifty LED alternative to chemical light sticks that provides 80+ hours of operation.  Pretty cool stuff!

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2014 Best Flashlights Feature

Best Flashlights of 2014

Now that 2014 is behind us the advent of the New Year provides an opportunity to reflect upon the year that was.  Over the past 12 months I’ve been fortunate to get my grubby paws on a lot of great products from some of the biggest names in the business, as well as a few that aren’t as well known.  This includes more than just flashlights, and in fact some of my favorite products have been the accessories and modifications that make my existing flashlights more useful.

Through it all there have been some products that stood out from the rest so I will start with a dozen noteworthy items that were reviewed here during 2014.  Some were brand new products, introduced during the past year, while others were simply new to me personally.

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HDS Rotary 170 Nichia 219B

Review: HDS EDC Rotary 170 219B

The EDC Rotary from HDS Systems is a compact Everyday Carry sized flashlight that features some of the most sophisticated electronics available in a handheld illumination tool.  Incorporating a tail-mounted switch and rotary brightness control, the HDS EDC Rotary allows users to select from 24 discrete output levels as well as Emergency and Tactical Strobe modes.  The advanced electronics also allow the end-user to customize several aspects of the light’s operation.  Following a recent price increase from the manufacturer, the EDC Rotary currently retails for about $279.

For the discerning flashlight user, OVEREADY has commissioned HDS Systems to produce a custom version of the EDC Rotary equipped with the Nichia 219B emitter, well known for its neutral tint and accurate color rendering.  When powered by a single 123A lithium primary or 16340 rechargeable battery, the Nichia 219B equipped Rotary is rated to produce 0.02 to 170 lumens of output. Continue reading