Fact Sheet: SureFire L1 LumaMax

SureFire L1 LumaMax

The L1 LumaMax represented one of SureFire’s initial entries into the light emitting diode (LED) class of lighting tools.  It was among the first to utilize a digitally controlled micro-processor to regulate the amount of power provided to the LED allowing the light output to remain steady and constant as the batteries are depleted.

First introduced in the 2002 catalog, the L1 underwent several design changes over its production life-span, including modifications to the head, body, LED, and electronics.  To distinguish between the different versions, collectors often classify the L1 into one of six different “generations” based upon its design.

The L1 utilized a two-stage tactical switch giving users the ability to press slightly for momentary-on low mode or press fully for momentary-on high mode.  Constant-on could be achieved by slightly twisting the tailcap for low and twisting further for high mode.

Light Information – SureFire L1 LumaMax

Production Status:  Discontinued

Light Type:  Handheld

Body Type:  Straight

Voltage/Source:  3V / 1 x Duracell DL123A Lithium Battery or 1 x SureFire CR123 Lithium Battery

Body Construction:  Aluminum

Body Finish:  Type III Anodizing

Primary Production Color:  Olive Drab/Gray (Type III)

Switch:  Tail mounted 2-level switch.  Partial press for momentary-on low mode, full press for momentary-on high mode.  Twist slightly for constant-on low mode, twist further for constant-on high mode.

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