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If you are a flashlight manufacturer, distributor, or retailer and you would like to see your product reviewed on, please take a a few minutes to read over the following terms and conditions.

Review Terms & Conditions

  1. Acceptance of a product for review is not an endorsement of the product or the manufacturer.
  2. Reviews will consist of objective observations, test results, photographs, and the subjective opinion of the reviewer, based upon use and testing of the product.
  3. Tests may include continuous runtime testing, output measurements, or other reasonable tests to verify performance in accordance with the manufacturer’s claims.  The reviewer assumes no liability for damages to the product during testing.
  4. Review samples become the property of the reviewer unless a waiver is granted in advance.  The source of the sample will be fully disclosed in the review.
  5. Review samples may, at the reviewer’s discretion be used in long-term reviews or in comparisons to other products.
  6. The results of the review will be published on the internet.  Locations may include, but are not limited to,, message boards, social media platforms, or other websites.
    • Links will be provided to the manufacturer’s website or product page as appropriate.
    • The manufacturer and their affiliates, at their discretion, may quote or use content from the review with proper attribution to the source.
  7. I reserve the right to modify these Terms & Conditions at any time and without notice.

Guidelines and Other Information

I do have some criteria with regard to what types of products I will review.  The most important are:

  1. American made products take precedence, followed by those produced by American companies.  I am not against the global economy but I have to take care of home first.
  2. My intention is to review only premium quality products.
  3. I will research unfamiliar companies prior to accepting their product for review.  Companies with poor reputations need not apply.
    • Example:  Companies with demonstrated history of poor customer support
    • Example:  Companies known for dishonest advertising or unethical business practices
    • Example:  Companies known for making blatant copies of products from other companies

I do not perform table-top reviews and, as a result, it takes several days of actually using the product to begin forming the basis of my review.  I strive to complete reviews in a timely manner but, without prior arrangements, I cannot guarantee a specific completion date prior to receiving the product.  If timing is critical, then the earlier I can receive the product the better.

Please provide the information requested below and I shall respond within 24 hours.

Thank you,

Jim Basham


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