Fact Sheet: SureFire 6P Original


SureFire 6P Original

The SureFire 6P Original was introduced as the successor to the 6P Classic and brought several refinements to the P-series lights including the addition of a lockout tail cap and anti-roll bezel.  The body was also redesigned with flat surfaces on either side providing space for the product name and brand to be laser etched into the surface.  Initially available only with black or gun metal gray finishes, there have been numerous other variations through the years.

The 6P Original retained the same basic dimensions as the earlier 6P Classic allowing the same parts and accessories to work with either version.

SureFire 6P Original

Light Information – SureFire 6P Original

Production Status:  In production

Light Type:  Handheld

Body Type:  Straight

Voltage/Source:  6V / 2 x Duracell DL123A Lithium Battery or 2 x SureFire CR123 Lithium Battery

Lamp Assembly:

  • Standard:  P60 Hi-Pressure Xenon (65 lumens)
  • Optional:  P61 Hi-Pressure Xenon (120 lumens)

Rated Runtime:  

  • With P60:  60 minutes
  • With P61:  20 minutes

Body Construction:  Aluminum

Body Finish:  Type II Anodizing

Primary Production Color:  Black

Switch:  Tail mounted.  Press for momentary, twist for constant-on

Year(s) of Production:  2001 – Present

Length:  5.2 inches (132 mm)

Body Diameter:  1.0 inch (25.4 mm)

Bezel Diameter:  1.25 inches (31.8 mm)

Weight:  5.2 ounces (147 grams)


  • 2001 – $79.99
  • 2008 – $62.00
  • 2013 – $88.00

Ordering Options – SureFire 6P Original

6P-BK:  6P with black finish.  Included 2 batteries and P60 lamp assembly

6P-GM:  6P with gun metal gray finish.  Included 2 batteries and P60 lamp assembly

6P-USA:  6P with red tail cap, white body and blue bezel with patriotic markings.  Included 2 batteries and P60 lamp assembly

6P-NRA:  Special version with NRA logo on bezel

 Photo Gallery – SureFire 6P Original

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Compatible Accessories and Optional Equipment – SureFire 6P Original

Beam Modifying Accessories:

  • F16 Infra-Red Beamfilter
  • F17 Cover
  • F24 Wide angle Beamshaper
  • F26 Red Beamfilter
  • F27 Blue Beamfilter
  • F28 Traffic Cone

Conversion Kits:

  • KR2 Conversion Kit:  Converts 6P into Ni-Cad rechargeable flashlight.  Includes AC and DC rapid/smart charger, B65 battery, and body extending adapter (A14)
  • KL3 Conversion Head:  Converts 6P into LED flashlight

Turbo-Head Accessories

  • KT1-BK Turbo Conversion Kit (includes turbo head, adapter, and N1 lamp assembly)

Carrying Accessories

  • V20 Nylon loop belt attachment
  • V21 Nylon quick release loop
  • V26 Leather plain finish duty holster
  • V27 Leather basket weave finish duty holster
  • V28 Leather Clarino finish duty holster
  • V70 Combat light holster

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