Streamlight at SHOT Show 2015

Streamlight 2015 New Products


Streamlight had several new products on display at this year’s SHOT Show® as well as upgrades to some existing flashlights.  The changes and updates affect nearly every portion of their tactical flashlight lineup, including the TLR weapon lights and ProTac, Stinger, and Strion families of handheld flashlights.

One of the most notable developments is a complete makeover of the HP Series of flashlights resulting in a substantial increase in outputs.  Now dubbed the HPL series, these new lights are still optimized for long reach but provide a much broader center hot spot and brighter spill than their HP predecessors.

Stock photos courtesy of Streamlight.  Links provided to the individual product pages on the Streamlight website.

Streamlight 2015 New Products – Weapon Lights

The new top dog in the TLR series of weapon lights is the 775 lumen TLR-1 HPL which achieves virtually the same long reach as the TLR-1 HP while providing a considerably brighter spill beam.  As with previous TLR-1 weapon lights, the TLR-1 HPL may be purchased with either a standard or remote switch backplate.

Also joining the weapon light family is the TLR-2 HL G, a compact LED light which boasts 720 lumens of white light output along with a direct drive green laser.

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 TLR-1 HPL (w/ remote)TLR-1 HPLTLR-2 HL G
Max Output (lumens)775775720
Runtime1h 45m1h 45m1h 30m
Peak Beam Intensity (candela)48,00048,00014,000
Max Beam Distance (meters)438438237
Weight (ounces)
Dimensions5.25" x 1.44" x 2.2"4.83" x 1.44" x 2.2"3.39" x 1.47" x 1.83"
Batteries2 x CR123A lithium2 x CR123A lithium2 x CR123A lithium

Streamlight 2015 New Products – Stinger Rechargeable Duty Lights

The Stinger HPL boasts a maximum output of 740 lumens along with two lower outputs (380 lumens and 190 lumens) and a tactical strobe mode.  As with previous Stingers, there will be two versions, the Stinger HPL with head mounted switch and the Stinger DS HPL which adds a secondary tailcap mounted switch.

The new UltraStinger LED takes performance to the next level with its whopping 1100 lumen maximum output focused into a 65,000 candela beam.  Offering up to three output levels (1100, 350, and 90 lumens) and a tactical strobe, the UltraStinger LED utilizes Streamlight’s TEN-TAP programming to provide users a choice between three combinations of operating modes:

  1. High/medium/low with strobe (factory default)
  2. High only
  3. High/medium/low without strobe

The new Stingers and UltraStinger are powered by NiMH batteries capable of being recharged up to 1000 times.

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 Stinger HPLStinger DS HPLUltraStinger LED
Max Output (lumens)7407401100
Runtime1h 15m1h 15m1h 30m
Peak Beam Intensity (candela)48,00048,00065,000
Max Beam Distance (meters)438438510
Weight (ounces)13.614.019.9
Body Diameter1.17"1.17"1.19"
Bezel Diameter2.20"2.20"2.37"
Batteries3-cell, 3.6V NiMH sub-C3-cell, 3.6V NiMH sub-C5-cell, 6V NiMH sub-C

Streamlight 2015 New Products – Compact Flashlights

Not to be outdone by the larger duty lights, the Strion series adds the new Strion HPL, a compact powerhouse measuring less than 6″ long and capable of producing up to 615 lumens.  Medium and low output modes as well as a tactical strobe function are also provided.

The ProTac line of flashlights gets two new additions beginning with the 850 lumen ProTac HL USB.  Powered by a lithium-ion battery with built-in USB charging capability, the ProTac HL USB can also be used with an aftermarket 18650 lithium-ion battery or a pair of CR123A lithium primary cells.

The smallest member of the ProTac family is now the 70 lumen ProTac 1AAA.  Measuring under 4″ long and equipped with a rear-mounted click switch, the new ProTac 1AAA is powered by an included alkaline AAA battery or can be used with a lithium AAA for longer runtime.

As with previous ProTac flashlights, both of these new models feature TEN-TAP programming, three output levels, and a tactical strobe.

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 Strion HPLProTac HL USBProTac 1AAA
Max Output (lumens)61585070
Runtime1h1h 30m2h 15m
Peak Beam Intensity (candela)40,00010,000550
Max Beam Distance (meters)40020047
Weight (ounces)
Body Diameter.95"1.07".57"
Bezel Diameter2.20"1.23".71"
Batteries2000 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeableLithium-Ion or two CR123A lithium primariesAAA Alkaline or Lithium

Streamlight 2015 New Products – Hands-Free Lighting and Accessories

Built upon the same AA battery platform (Alkaline or lithium) as the original Sidewinder hands-free light, the new Sidewinder Rescue adds several enhancements including provisions for Velcro or MOLLE mounting.  White, blue, green, or IR light is available from the four separate LEDs, each with three output levels and a flashing beacon mode.

Streamlight Sidewinder Rescue

Streamlight Sidewinder Rescue

Rounding out Streamlight’s latest offerings is the brand new EPU 5200, a portable USB power pack that can be used as a charger for any USB flashlight or electronic device.  Housed in a tough polymer shell, the EPU 5200 features a tethered cover which snaps into place over the USB port and power switch providing a waterproof seal.  It is also equipped with a removable pocket clip and a built-in LED for backup lighting.

Streamlight EPU-5200

Streamlight EPU-5200

Streamlight 2015 New Products – Wrapping up

In addition to all the new stuff, some existing products will be receiving upgrades during 2015.  The ProTac HL will be seeing a 25% increase in output up to 750 lumens while a new rubberized outer sleeve will be made available for the larger ProTac HL 3.  A pair of handheld spotlights will also be getting a boost in output with the Alkaline powered Waypoint topping out at 550 lumens and the Waypoint Rechargeable jumping all the way to 1000 lumens of output.

I hope to be taking a closer look at some of these new Streamlight products in the near future.  To avoid missing out on any upcoming reviews or articles, be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page and subscribe for updates!

Check out the SHOT Show Archive for more information from this year’s show.

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  1. Jim,

    First, excellent job on really making the rounds and giving a variety of light companies a good shake @ Shot.

    Second, Im digging the new UI with the pictures, very cool.

    I’ve read up on that EPU-5200, and believe it or not, out of all things Shot Show and Flashlights, I think Streamlight NAILED this one. Powerbanks are quickly becoming as ubiquitous as cell phones and a ruggedized version through a major name brand like Streamlight, positioned for law enforcement and the common user alike was a genius move. The IPX rating supersedes many other water resistant models already on the market. Add a solid warranty and a few new lights that recharge via usb, I think we might have a game changer in this niche.

    For those who are interested:

    As always EXCELLENT work!

    • Forrest,

      Glad you like the format. I agree with you that the EPU 5200 is a neat product and, although lots of companies are making USB rechargeable flashlights now, Streamlight deserves credit for being the first to come out with something like this (to my knowledge).

  2. Nice article as always. I have the 370 lumen Waypoint rechargeable, which is an excellent spotlight in its own right, but the new version is calling to me! And I agree as well, the EPU-5200 is an interesting product.

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