Review: Malkoff M91B LED Drop-In

The M91B is the newest addition to the Malkoff Devices line of LED drop-in modules. Like its predecessor, the M91A, the new M91B is designed for use with the Malkoff line of full-size flashlight bodies or as a direct drop-in replacement for the SureFire P90 incandescent lamp assembly used by the SureFire 9P, C3 Centurion, and Z3 CombatLight.

Suitable for handheld and weapon mounted applications, the new M91B is outfitted with a cool white Cree XP-L emitter rated to produce approximately 825 lumens at turn on and 700 lumens during continuous operation. When used in conjunction with a Malkoff flashlight body and high/low bezel ring a 30 to 40 lumen (approximately) low mode is also available. The M91B has a retail price of $89.00.

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Anytech XM-L2 P60 Drop-in

Anytech Tactical is based near Brisbane, Australia where they develop, modify, and distribute tactical lighting and equipment.  In addition to a full selection of tactical flashlights and hosts, they also carry their own line of LED drop-in modules for use with SureFire, Solarforce, and other lights that use the common P60 drop-in format.

Based on the Cree XM-L2 emitter, the drop-ins are rated to produce 800 lumens of output when powered by a single 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery.  Several different configurations are available with anywhere from 1 to 4 different operating modes allowing various combinations of High, Medium, Low and Strobe outputs.

A sample drop-in module configured for High/Medium/Strobe operation was provided by Anytech for review.

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OVEREADY Triple LED P60 Drop-in

Review: OVEREADY TorchLab Triple

The TorchLab Triple series of LED drop-ins is a family of ultra high-output light engines that provide a drastic performance upgrade for SureFire flashlights based on the common P60 lamp assembly format.  Produced and sold exclusively by OVEREADY, the TorchLab Triple is available in various configurations with different user interfaces, output levels, and beam characteristics.

Three different user interfaces are available:

  • A single-mode version for use in weapon lights or when only the highest output level is required
  • LMH (Low / Medium / High) version with three output levels at 1%, 30%, and 100%
  • HML (High / Medium / Low) version with the same output levels as the LMH but in reverse order

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Sportac P60 Triple Drop-ins

Review: Sportac P60 Triple Drop-In Modules

Since their introduction a few months ago, the triple-emitter Sportac LED drop-in modules for SureFire hosts have been very popular with enthusiasts looking to boost the output from their P60 SureFire lights.  Featuring all brass heatsink construction, the Sportac triples provide a single output level and are available with a choice of emitters, either Cree XP-G2 S2 Cool White or Nichia 219 High CRI (Color Rendering Index) LEDs.

Sportac also manufactures drop-ins with a heatsink sized for the common 18650 P60 hosts from manufacturers other than SureFire.  Those 18650 P60 drop-ins will not fit SureFire lights due to the heatsink being squared and not tapered at the bottom.

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Malkoff M361N-LMH Neutral

Malkoff M361NFast on the heels of his announcement of the Malkoff M361-LMH drop-in, Gene has now released a neutral version, the M361N-LMH.  Utilizing a neutral binned (4000K) white Cree XP-G2 LED, this newest version operates at the same drive currents (50 mA, 270mA, and 1450 mA) as the prior M361 but the final output levels are yet to be determined.  Retail price is $69.00.

Additional information can be found at the Malkoff Devices website.

Photo courtesy of Malkoff Devices


Malkoff M361-LMH Drop-in

Malkoff M361-LMH

Malkoff Devices has announced the introduction of their new Malkoff M361-LMH P60 style drop-in.  Just like the other modules in the M61 family, the M361-LMH has solid brass heatsink construction and uses a custom orange peel reflector designed by Don McLeish.  However, unlike any of the previous drop-in models, the new M361-LMH offers three modes of operation, a first for Malkoff Devices.

The M361-LMH’s three output levels produce 15, 80, and 400 lumens and the module is designed to be  powered only by a single Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery.  This is reflected in the module’s relatively narrow input voltage range of 3.4 – 5 volts.  Below 3.4 volts the M361-LMH will drop out of regulation and run in direct drive.  For this reason, the use of unprotected cells is not recommended.  The drop-in also includes reverse polarity protection.

Although Malkoff fans have been able to have multi-mode operation in the past, with the MD2 and its Hi-Lo ring, the Malkoff M361-LMH provides an opportunity to have multiple modes when using other hosts.  Retail price of the M361-LMH is $69.00.

For more information, visit the Malkoff Devices website.

Malkoff M361-LMH

Photos Courtesy of Malkoff Devices