SureFire KE2-A ScoutLight Upgrade

New SureFire KE1A and KE2A Heads for Scout Lights


SureFire has released new upgrade/replacement heads for use with their Scout Light WeaponLight system.  Designed as direct screw-on replacements for the current M300, M600 Ultra, and M620 WeaponLights the KE1-A (3 volt, 200 lumen) and KE2-A (6 volt, 500 lumen) can now be purchased individually.

Housed behind a coated and tempered window, a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens is used to focus the output from the new heads into a far-reaching beam that also provides adequate illumination for peripheral vision.  Installation is simple; unscrew the existing head and screw on the replacement head.

Both versions feature aerospace aluminum construction and with O-rings and gaskets to keep out moisture, dust and dirt.  Wear and corrosion resistance are provided by a Mil-Spec hard anodized finish, available in both black (BK) or desert tan (TN).


M300 Scout Light

(1 x CR123a battery)


M600 Ultra, and M620 Scout Lights

(2 x CR123a batteries)


200 lumens

500 lumens

Tactical Runtime*

1.3 hours

1.5 hours

Beam Intensity

12,000 candela

13,000 candela

Bezel Diameter

1.125″ (28.6 mm)

1.125″ (28.6 mm)

Suggested Retail Price



* Defined as runtime until output drops below 50 lumens         

Additional information is available from the SureFire website:

KE1-A Product Page

KE2-A Product Page

SureFire KE2-A ScoutLight Upgrade

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    • I have not seen any yet. I’m a little curious what the result will be as the advertised specs for the KE1 and KE2-A are slightly different than the EB1/EB2/E2DL Ultra with the most notable difference being in runtime. However, this may be due to SureFire rating them differently based upon the different types of usage – handheld light vs. weapon mounted light.

      Even with the difference in specs, I would expect them all to be the same but without trying one I can’t say for sure.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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