SureFire E to C Adapter from OVEREADY

SureFire E to C Adapter from OVEREADY


The SureFire E to C Adapter is a handy accessory which allows owners of SureFire E-Series lights to use P60 style bezels and drop-ins from larger lights such as the SureFire 6P, C2, and Z2. With the huge variety of bezels and drop-ins based on the P60 format, the E to C Adapter greatly expands customization options for E-series lights.

Unfortunately, genuine SureFire E to C Adapters are typically available only as one part of the LU60A Incandescent Lamp Module, intended for use with SureFire Scout Lights, which includes the E to C Adapter, a hard anodized black Z32 bezel, and P60 incandescent lamp assembly. As a result, the SureFire E to C Adapter is rarely available by itself, new or used, and usually commands a premium price.

However, genuine unused SureFire E to C adapters are available from OVEREADY at less than half the price of the LU60A. One such adapter was provided by OVEREADY for use in this evaluation.

SureFire E to C Adapter from OVEREADY – Overview

The SureFire E to C Adapter is constructed entirely of aluminum with a hard-anodized matte black finish. Knurled ridges at the base provide grip when tightening or loosening the adapter and an O-ring maintains a weather-tight seal between the adapter and bezel.

SureFire E to C Adapter from OVEREADY

Installation of the adapter takes only seconds and requires no tools. The E to C adapter directly replaces the stock E-series head and is ready to accept one of the many P60 drop-ins available. Once the drop-in is inserted, any SureFire Z44 or other compatible bezel may be used. (Note: The stock SureFire tailcap switch and CR123 batteries cannot power ultra-high-output drop-ins such as the TorchLAB Triple at their highest output level)

SureFire E to C Adapter from OVEREADY

Also, drop-ins like the TorchLAB Triple and Malkoff M61 that lack an outer spring will require a spring washer installed at the base of the adapter to make electrical contact with the flashlight body. A beryllium copper spring washer is available from OVEREADY for this purpose.

SureFire E to C Adapter from OVEREADY

The completed assembly still remains relatively compact and allows the light to be outfitted exactly as needed based on the user’s needs.

SureFire E to C Adapter from OVEREADY

SureFire E to C Adapter from OVEREADY – Conclusions

I am a huge fan of modular construction and the ability to interchange or replace parts based upon need. In fact, this is what first led me to collect SureFire flashlights and one of my earliest purchases was a complete LU60A kit just so I could obtain the SureFire E to C adapter. Although I generally prefer the tightly focused beams of flashlights like the SureFire E2D LED Defender, it has been extremely useful to be able to easily swap in a replacement such as the Malkoff M61 for a wider and more general purpose beam.

Of course the E to C Adapter also opens the door for some less practical combinations as well but that’s just part of the fun when mixing and matching parts from different lights!

SureFire E to C Adapter from OVEREADY

The SureFire E to C Adapter is made in the USA.  Use the links below for more information about the items mentioned or shown in this article:



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  1. I bought this accessory and I find the E2C Oveready a little better that the E2C Vital Gear.

    Thank you for the review Jim. 😉

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