OVEREADY Moddoolar Triple Wasp Optics

Moddoolar Triple Wasp Optics

The Moddoolar Triple Wasp head now has even more customization options than before with the addition of two new optics from OVEREADY.  Originally available with only the “narrow clear” optic, users may now opt for “medium frost” and “wide frost” versions of the Wasp Optic.

All three optics are available for purchase with any Wasp head.  The samples used in this review were graciously provided by OVEREADY.

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Fight or Flight Tactical CR123 Blackjack Battery Brick

Fight and Flight CR123 Blackjack Battery Brick

Fight and Flight Tactical has a unique solution for anyone looking for a way to carry extra batteries for their electronic devices. Dubbed the Blackjack Battery Brick for its ability to house 21 batteries, this rugged nylon carrier is designed to securely hold its contents no matter how it’s stored – in a pouch, pocket, or simply thrown in a duffel bag.

Four varieties of the Battery Brick are available, including models for the common AAA, AA, and CR123 battery formats as well as a Combo version which holds 8 AAA, 7AA, 4 CR123, and 2 coin cell batteries. Pricing starts at $23.95 with six fabric types to choose from: UCP (ACU), Coyote, Foliage Green, OD Green, Black, and Multicam ($2.00 extra).  Continue reading

CR123A BatteryClip

CR123A BatteryClip

The BatteryClip is a unique battery storage solution that follows the form and function of an ammunition clip.  Capable of holding up to ten batteries, the BatteryClip was developed by Chip Hogg to provide professionals in the film and television industry a convenient method of storing and dispensing batteries.  Three different models of this Made in USA product are available for AA (10 cell capacity), 9-volt (8 cell capacity), and CR123A (8 cell capacity) batteries.

The CR123A BatteryClip, available in Coyote Brown or Foliage Green, has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $24.95.  Continue reading

Multi Holster SureFire R1 Lawman Kydex Holster

Multi Holsters R1 Lawman Holster

The SureFire R1 Lawman is one of the finest rechargeable duty lights available with a winning combination of solid construction, performance and features (R1 Lawman Review).  However, with no holsters or other carry options available from SureFire, many R1 Lawman owners have had to “make do” with gear designed for other similarly sized lights.  Thankfully a Michigan company, Multi Holsters, has responded to this need with the first and perhaps only holster designed specifically for the R1 Lawman.

Available with either a one-piece “Multi Roto” or TekLok belt clip, the R1 Lawman holster is priced at around $60 for the TekLok version.  A sample equipped with the TekLok clip was provided by Multi Holsters for this review.  Continue reading

OVEREADY Extended Battery Capsule

OVEREADY Extended Battery Capsule

No one wants to be caught with a dead battery in their flashlight and serious users understand the importance of always carrying spare batteries with them.  However, today’s high energy cells are not something you want to just carry loose in your pocket or pack.  OVEREADY has a solution for gear junkies everywhere with their line of Delrin Battery Capsules designed to accommodate cells ranging from 34mm to 65mm in length, providing options for any of the commonly used battery sizes.  Continue reading

NightHawk Lights Beacon C2

NightHawk Lights New Product

NightHawk Lights has announced the upcoming release of the Beacon C², a tiny hands-free LED flashlight that can also be used to provide a boost to electronic devices with its built-in Li-Po rechargeable battery pack.  Possibly one of the smallest such devices on the market, its anodized aerospace aluminum housing measures only 1.9″x1.3″x.9″ and weighs a mere 2.5 ounces.  Continue reading

Going Gear Logo

Going Gear Visit

OK, I admit it.  Writing about a visit to a store is a sure sign that I’m a flashlight nut.  It’s my burden to bear so let’s just move on . . .

I had to travel to Georgia for work earlier this week and, since my path took me through Atlanta, there was no way I could pass up stopping by Going Gear to check out their new store.  I visited their old store 2 years ago and was looking forward to seeing what they had been able to do with all the extra room and check out their flashlight selection (of course)!  I think I can safely speak for most flashaholics when I say that Going Gear is the “go to” place when it comes to the latest and greatest offerings from a huge variety of manufacturers.  Continue reading

Raven Concealment Systems Flashlight Pocket Clip

Raven Concealment Systems Pocket Clip

The folks at Raven Concealment Systems have a product that every owner of a one-inch tactical light needs to know about.  Their “SureFire P and G Series Pocket Clip,” as the name suggests, is designed primarily for use with popular SureFire lights such as the 6PX, G2X, and P2X Fury but is also compatible with many similarly sized lights from SureFire and other manufacturers.Continue reading

SureFire Filters and Diffuser

Mini-Review: SureFire Diffuser and Beam Filters

SureFire F04-A Diffuser, F05-A Red Filter, and F06-A Blue Filter

SureFire has introduced three new attachments – the F04-A Diffuser, F05-A Red Filter, and F06-A Blue Filter – made to accommodate the 1.125″ bezel used on recent flashlights and weapon lights.  Designed to slip over the bezel and remain in place using a friction fit, these new attachments allow users to modify the standard beam of their flashlight for specific tasks.

When performing close tasks, the F04-A Diffuser provides a white, evenly diffused beam.  When preservation of night vision is a priority, the F05-A Red Filter produces a beam of red light that will not degrade night vision as much as white light.  As some animals see poorly in the red spectrum this is a useful filter for hunters moving about in pre-dawn hours.  The F06-A is a blue filter designed to produce a beam of blue light which is useful for hunters tracking wounded game in the dark.  All three attachments reduce the intensity of light output making them useful for close-range, non-tactical applications such as map reading. Continue reading


New E-series BeamShaper and Filters

SureFire F04 BeamShaperSureFire has confirmed that a BeamShaper and filters will be available for owners of the new E-series lights such as the E1L-A, E2L-A, E2LAA-A, EB1, and EB2.  Designed for 1.125″ bezels, these new attachments will be slightly larger versions of the current F04, F05, and F06.

The new slip-on versions of the BeamShaper, red filter, and blue filter are expected to be available at the end of August.

  • F04-A     Slip on BeamShaper Assy, 1.125″ Bezel
  • F05-A     Slip on Red Filter Assy, 1.125″ Bezel
  • F06-A     Slip on Blue Filter Assy, 1.125″ Bezel

In addition, a flip-up filter is also being developed which will come with three interchangeable lenses.  A release date has not been set.