Review: INOVA T4R

The versatile INOVA T4R is a rechargeable LED flashlight designed for the needs of the professional user. The largest and most powerful rechargeable option from INOVA, the T4R is powered by a user replaceable lithium-ion battery and is rated to produce up to 303 lumens in its highest output mode. Two lower output modes and a flashing strobe are also available, all accessed via the mid-body tactical switch.

With a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $149.99, the INOVA T4R can typically be found at retail for less than $120.00. The sample used in this review was provided by Nite Ize.Continue reading

SureFire E to C Adapter from OVEREADY

SureFire E to C Adapter from OVEREADY

The SureFire E to C Adapter is a handy accessory which allows owners of SureFire E-Series lights to use P60 style bezels and drop-ins from larger lights such as the SureFire 6P, C2, and Z2. With the huge variety of bezels and drop-ins based on the P60 format, the E to C Adapter greatly expands customization options for E-series lights.

Unfortunately, genuine SureFire E to C Adapters are typically available only as one part of the LU60A Incandescent Lamp Module, intended for use with SureFire Scout Lights, which includes the E to C Adapter, a hard anodized black Z32 bezel, and P60 incandescent lamp assembly. As a result, the SureFire E to C Adapter is rarely available by itself, new or used, and usually commands a premium price.

However, genuine unused SureFire E to C adapters are available from OVEREADY at less than half the price of the LU60A. One such adapter was provided by OVEREADY for use in this evaluation. Continue reading


Review: INOVA T3R

The INOVA T3R is a rechargeable tactical flashlight designed and built with law enforcement and professional use in mind. Equipped with built-in charging capability for its included lithium-ion battery, the T3R offers three modes of operation including a 234 lumen high mode, 20 lumen low mode, and tactical strobe.

To simplify recharging when on the go, the T3R offers a number of options facilitated by its use of a standard mini-USB connector. A wall mounted AC charger and 12VDC vehicle charger are included with the light but it can also be charged using commonly available USB chargers used for phones or other devices.

The INOVA T3R has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $119.99 and can be found at retail for around $100.00.  The sample used in this review was provided by Nite Ize. Continue reading

OVEREADY Triple LED P60 Drop-in

Review: OVEREADY TorchLab Triple

The TorchLab Triple series of LED drop-ins is a family of ultra high-output light engines that provide a drastic performance upgrade for SureFire flashlights based on the common P60 lamp assembly format.  Produced and sold exclusively by OVEREADY, the TorchLab Triple is available in various configurations with different user interfaces, output levels, and beam characteristics.

Three different user interfaces are available:

  • A single-mode version for use in weapon lights or when only the highest output level is required
  • LMH (Low / Medium / High) version with three output levels at 1%, 30%, and 100%
  • HML (High / Medium / Low) version with the same output levels as the LMH but in reverse order

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SureFire E1D LED Defender

Review: SureFire E1D LED Defender

The E1D LED Defender (E1DL-A) is the latest addition to the SureFire Defender line of flashlights and the first member to operate on only one 123A battery. Rated to produce a maximum of 300 lumens, the E1DL also offers a long-running 5 lumen low mode with its output focused by a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens.

The E1DL-A has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $240 with retail prices beginning around $170. Continue reading

Fight or Flight Tactical CR123 Blackjack Battery Brick

Fight and Flight CR123 Blackjack Battery Brick

Fight and Flight Tactical has a unique solution for anyone looking for a way to carry extra batteries for their electronic devices. Dubbed the Blackjack Battery Brick for its ability to house 21 batteries, this rugged nylon carrier is designed to securely hold its contents no matter how it’s stored – in a pouch, pocket, or simply thrown in a duffel bag.

Four varieties of the Battery Brick are available, including models for the common AAA, AA, and CR123 battery formats as well as a Combo version which holds 8 AAA, 7AA, 4 CR123, and 2 coin cell batteries. Pricing starts at $23.95 with six fabric types to choose from: UCP (ACU), Coyote, Foliage Green, OD Green, Black, and Multicam ($2.00 extra).  Continue reading

Sportac P60 Triple Drop-ins

Review: Sportac P60 Triple Drop-In Modules

Since their introduction a few months ago, the triple-emitter Sportac LED drop-in modules for SureFire hosts have been very popular with enthusiasts looking to boost the output from their P60 SureFire lights.  Featuring all brass heatsink construction, the Sportac triples provide a single output level and are available with a choice of emitters, either Cree XP-G2 S2 Cool White or Nichia 219 High CRI (Color Rendering Index) LEDs.

Sportac also manufactures drop-ins with a heatsink sized for the common 18650 P60 hosts from manufacturers other than SureFire.  Those 18650 P60 drop-ins will not fit SureFire lights due to the heatsink being squared and not tapered at the bottom.

This review will focus on the Cool White XP-G2 and High CRI Nichia 210 triples for SureFire hosts.  Both drop-ins retail for less than $40. Continue reading

FOURSEVENS Maelstrom Regen MMR-X

Review: FOURSEVENS Maelstrom Regen MMR-X

The FOURSEVENS Regen MMR-X is a high-output rechargeable flashlight capable of producing a maximum of 800 lumens in a short duration “Burst” mode and offers up to three lower output levels along with four special strobe/flashing modes.  The MMR-X is user programmable, allowing the choice of any one of five distinct output configurations, ranging from a single output mode to having all eight available. The extremely compact MMR-X is also the first FOURSEVENS product to provide micro-USB recharging capability for the included proprietary lithium-ion 18650 battery.

The MMR-X has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $100.  The sample used in this review was provided by FOURSEVENS.

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SureFire G2X

Review: SureFire G2X Pro and G2X Tactical

The SureFire G2X is a compact handheld flashlight powered by two 123A lithium primary batteries and rated to produce up to 320 lumens of output.  Constructed with a tough polymer body, the G2X is available in two configurations providing switching and output options:

  • G2X Tactical (G2X-C):  Single output version (320 lumens) of the G2X equipped with a tactical press for momentary, twist for constant-on switch.
  • G2X Pro (G2X-D):  Dual output version (15 lumens and 320 lumens) with a click-type switch.  Users may partially press the switch for momentary-on low output or press further, until it clicks, for constant-on low output.  The high output mode can be accessed by returning to off and pressing or clicking again within 2 seconds.

Each configuration is available in a selection of colors including black, desert tan, forest green, and yellow.  The G2X has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $70.  Continue reading

CR123A BatteryClip

CR123A BatteryClip

The BatteryClip is a unique battery storage solution that follows the form and function of an ammunition clip.  Capable of holding up to ten batteries, the BatteryClip was developed by Chip Hogg to provide professionals in the film and television industry a convenient method of storing and dispensing batteries.  Three different models of this Made in USA product are available for AA (10 cell capacity), 9-volt (8 cell capacity), and CR123A (8 cell capacity) batteries.

The CR123A BatteryClip, available in Coyote Brown or Foliage Green, has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $24.95.  Continue reading