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Review: SureFire G2X Pro and G2X Tactical


The SureFire G2X is a compact handheld flashlight powered by two 123A lithium primary batteries and rated to produce up to 320 lumens of output.  Constructed with a tough polymer body, the G2X is available in two configurations providing switching and output options:

  • G2X Tactical (G2X-C):  Single output version (320 lumens) of the G2X equipped with a tactical press for momentary, twist for constant-on switch.
  • G2X Pro (G2X-D):  Dual output version (15 lumens and 320 lumens) with a click-type switch.  Users may partially press the switch for momentary-on low output or press further, until it clicks, for constant-on low output.  The high output mode can be accessed by returning to off and pressing or clicking again within 2 seconds.

Each configuration is available in a selection of colors including black, desert tan, forest green, and yellow.  The G2X has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $70.  

SureFire G2X – Overview

The exterior of the body and tailcap are made entirely of Nitrolon, a very rigid, non-conductive, corrosion-proof polymer designed specifically for SureFire flashlights.  The G2X head is made of aluminum for improved heat dissipation and is anodized or powder coated to match the body color.

SureFire G2X Tactical

The sculpted body features several design elements which improve grip on the light.  With its nominal 1″ diameter the G2X body is compatible with most mounts and accessories intended for use with tactical lights.

SureFire G2X Pro

The bezel features a hexagonal section with large flat areas to help prevent rolling on smooth surfaces.  The bezel measures just over 1.25″ in diameter at the front and has a maximum diameter of 1.35″ on the hexagonal portion.  The polycarbonate lens is recessed into the bezel and protected by a nylon bezel ring.

SureFire G2X Pro

Markings on the head indicate whether a particular light is the Tactical or Pro version.  The letter “C” denotes the tactical (G2X-C) and “D” is used for the pro (G2X-D).  The original 200 lumen versions of the G2X were the G2X-A and G2X-B.

SureFire G2X Pro

Batteries are loaded from the tail where an O-ring is used to maintain a weather tight seal.  When installed, the batteries are supported by springs at both the head and tail.  An aluminum sleeve inside the Nitrolon body is used to complete the electrical circuit from the tailcap.

SureFire G2X Pro

A textured reflector is used to smooth the output from the emitter.

SureFire G2X Pro

The G2X has the same basic dimensions as the SureFire 6P and 6PX and is able to share many common accessories with these lights.  (Click images for larger versions)

SureFire G2X – Manufacturer’s Specifications

SureFire G2X Tactical

SureFire G2X Pro

Output (High Mode)

320 lumens / 2.5 hours*

320 lumens / 2.5 hours*

Output (Low Mode)


15 lumens / 45 hours


5.2 inches (132 mm)

5.2 inches (132 mm)

Body Diameter

1.0 inch (25.4 mm)

1.0 inch (25.4 mm)

Bezel Diameter

1.25 inches (31.8 mm)

1.25 inches (31.8 mm)

Weight (with batteries)

4.4 ounces (125 grams)

4.4 ounces (125 grams)

* Until output drops to 32 lumens

SureFire G2X – Performance

With its textured reflector, the G2X produces a beam with a well-defined center hotspot capable of providing good illumination beyond 200 feet and an even spill beam that provides good peripheral vision out to 25-30 yards.  The spill beam has a slightly cool tint with a white center hotspot and a tinge of color in the surrounding corona.  As with most reflector based lights, the spill beam cuts off abruptly at the edges.

The following slides compare the SureFire G2X to a variety of other lights to provide perspective of its output and beam profile.  The beamshots can be compared across their full width of the image using the slider and additional images can be accessed by using the navigation buttons in the bottom-right corner of each image.

The following lights were used in the comparison:

  1. SureFire G2X (original 200 lumen version)
  2. Streamlight Super Tac X
  3. SureFire EB1 Backup (link to review)
  4. Inova T3R
  5. Elzetta Bravo with M60 drop-in
  6. Malkoff MD2 (link to review)
  7. Inova T4R
  8. SureFire P2X Fury (link to review)
  9. Streamlight ProTac HL 2

Beamshots – 30 yards to swing

Beamshots – 40 yards to swing


SureFire G2X – Runtime

SureFire G2X Pro and SureFire G2X Tactical

Runtime tests were conducted using the SureFire G2X Pro with Battery Station 123A lithium primary batteries and K2 Energy LFP123 rechargeable cells.

SureFire G2X Runtime chart

When powered by 123A primary batteries, the G2X provides almost 90 minutes of regulated output before beginning a very long taper as the batteries are depleted.  Although not shown on the chart, the G2X was still producing a usable, albeit low, level of light after 4 hours of continuous operation.  Although runtime is very good, it fell slightly short of SureFire’s listed 2.5 hours (until output drops to 32 lumens).

LFP123 rechargeable cells give approximately half the runtime with a much more abrupt drop-off as the batteries are depleted.  With both battery types, the G2X bezel does become warm when operated continuously, but it does not get excessively hot.

SureFire G2X – Conclusions

SureFire has been making reinforced polymer-bodied flashlights since the introduction of the original G2 in 2001 and, through the years, Nitrolon has proven itself to be an attractive alternative to aluminum.  Much stronger than typical “plastic” used in flashlights and consumer goods, Nitrolon is extremely rigid, abrasion resistant, corrosion resistant and durable.  It also offers advantages over aluminum with regard to weight and cost.  Nitrolon body lights are also more comfortable to hold when used in extremely cold temperatures.

Fit and finish is fine on each of my G2X samples and color match is good between the Nitrolon bodies and aluminum bezels.  Both the Tactical and Pro versions have provided trouble-free operation with smooth activation and mode changes (Pro only).

SureFire G2X Pro and G2X Tactical

The G2X is nicely sized for EDC and can be easily carried in a pocket, pouch, or with one of the many different clips or lanyard attachments available.  As the G2X has the same dimensions of one of the most popular tactical lights of all time, the SureFire 6P, there is almost no limit to the number of carry options and accessories available from SureFire and other manufacturers.

From a performance standpoint, the G2X isn’t going to impress very many hardcore flashlight enthusiasts with its output but it was never intended to be the brightest or most powerful light around.  Instead of blinding output and high battery consumption, the G2X offers a balance between output and runtime that provides a nice alternative to many of the higher powered XM-L2 based lights on the market today.  Even with the lower level of output, the G2X has respectable reach which is adequate for many uses.

SureFire G2X Tactical

All things considered the SureFire G2X is a solid general purpose flashlight and with pricing around $50 at some retailers, it also represents an excellent value.


    • Very reasonably priced at around $50
    • Respectable output with nearly 90 minutes of regulated runtime on  high
    • Pro and Tactical versions available, both with simple operation
    • Compact and easy to carry


    • Only two output modes may not be enough for some users

For more information, visit the G2X Tactical or G2X Pro product pages at  The 123A primary batteries used for runtime testing were provided by Battery Station.  Their support is what makes the runtime tests possible.

Have you ever wanted to know what goes into the production of SureFire flashlights?  Check out our exclusive Behind the Scenes look at the SureFire machining and production facilities in Orange County, California.


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    • Glad you liked the review! I personally prefer the G2X LE because it starts in the high output mode. It uses a different (larger) LED so the beam is a little less focused than the 320 lumen version which puts more light into the spill beam. Because of this, it doesn’t seem 25% more “powerful” than the 320 lumen version if you’re only looking at beam reach but it does make a noticeable difference at closer distances.

      Thanks for visiting!

  1. I enjoyed the review as I am doing me homework before purchasing one.
    I would certainly be interested to know where they are priced at $50.

    • Hi Rob, thanks for the comment. When I wrote this review 3 years ago, they were easy to find for $49 but it looks like prices have gone up a little since then. Amazon still has several variants for $51 to $55 – – so that’s one place to check. eBay usually has some listed for around $50 so that’s another option. Aside from that, some retailers will run specials from time to time that get the price down close to $50.

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